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How to connect with your users via push notifications through a business application

Getting users to install your app is only the first step in the process of mobile engagement, however getting them to use it regularly is much more complex. It’s very possible that your users will completely forget about the app after using it a couple of times, since you are competing for their attention with many other apps.

Push notifications are messages sent to a mobile application (smartphone or tablet) and, unlike SMS messages or notifications, can only be sent to users who have installed the application and have accepted to receive push notifications in the Settings of the smartphone.

Push notifications can be a very effective communication channel for your business app because, unlike emails, which can often be blocked by anti-spam filters, push notifications are able to speak directly with the user through his most personal device.

However, if it gets out of hand with push notifications we can achieve the opposite effect: to make users flee our app.

Many companies show the first time you download an application a message that takes you directly to the “Allow Push Notifications” Settings section. This strategy can be a little intrusive for the user, since he does not know the application yet to know if it will be useful to receive notifications. The user needs a little time to know whether or not he is interested in activating the push notifications of your app.

Here are some situations in which it would be effective to send push notifications:

  • Keep users up-to-date on new content
  • Convert users of your app to clients
  • Send a reminder
  • Increase sales of your business
  • Improve the experience and loyalty to your customers

Focus notifications as SMS

A common mistake many companies make is that they communicate through push notifications in the same way as with emails, and this does not work well because they are different strategies. When you think about the content of your push notification, you have to think about the SMS messages that we sent to our relatives or friends, as this will give you more personal, short and clear notifications. If you apply this rule you are likely to have a message that provides value information to the user.

Know your user

To have a more personal Push Notification it is important that you communicate with the user with your name, since if you are impacting by this way is that the user has already registered in your application and will know much of your information, so use it!

Push notifications should be useful, relevant and appropriate messages to the context of each user, because relevancy is the key to effectiveness.

When planning to publish notifications you have to set it at the correct time to try to avoid being ignored.

As with any digital marketing action, many tests have to be done. Discover what is the time of day that generates a higher opening ratio and which day of the week is the one that generates the best engage with the user will help you to know much better your users and their behavior in your application.

Be honest with your users

The first thing that users want to find in brands is honesty and sincerity, and this also includes Push notifications. Customers can easily detect dishonest mark, so be aware of it when you write your messages and try to be consistent with the values ​​of the brand. According to Peopledesign, “authenticity says a lot. Brands that tell a genuine and honest story are the ones that people like. Consumers believe in these brands. ”

Functionality and efficiency

Above all, it is important that your push messages add value and improve the lives of your users. They should be useful and attractive, and under no circumstances should they be annoying. More than 50% of mobile app users find Push notifications annoying. The other half finds them useful, but only if the content includes information of value. Make sure your Push notifications will help your users.

No matter what type of company you are, you should make the life of your users easier, more beautiful or more fun. Keep this in mind as long as you write a Push notification: Why is this message helpful?

Be funny

It is time for brands to stop addressing users so seriously. Millennials want to have fun and companies should ensure that they get their customers to spend a good time. You should not take things too seriously and you have to be brave enough to share it with your audience.

Short and to the point

The best Push notifications are less than 25 characters long. Users do not have time to read long messages, and simple and concise texts are the most effective. However, you must make sure that they are clear and that you understand well what you want to convey.

You can compose two different versions of the same push notification and then do an A / B test. So you can find out what works best and find the balance between the brief and the effective.

As we have seen, push notifications can be a powerful weapon to improve the retention of users of our apps or games, but you have to do well and try many keys until you find the one that works best.

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