The importance of mobile marketing in your business strategy

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What is mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing is the set of commercial and/or corporate activities and actions that, supported by the characteristics and advantages of mobile devices, aim to bring a profit, generally of an economic nature, to the issuing company.

The growing demand for mobile marketing services is influenced by the advance of voice and data transmission technologies and the disproportionate increase in smartphone usage in recent years. New ways of disseminating and consuming content that have had their translation in the way in which organisations come into contact with their audiences.

Statistics published by Social Media Today indicate that 80% of Internet users own a smartphone and that up to 68% of companies have already integrated mobile marketing tactics into their business strategy over the past year. The relevance of this type of actions is causing the current market to become digital, focusing especially on mobile. Applications such as Periscope, Wallapop or Snapchat were born directly in the mobile market, presenting themselves to the public exclusively as an app for Android or iOS.

Advantages of Digital Marketing vs. traditional marketing

Before commenting on the advantages of mobile marketing, it is necessary to refer to a broader and currently very popular concept: digital marketing. Advertising investment in digital media grew by 23% over the last year and all companies want to be on the Internet to take profit of the advantages that this media can offer. Correct use of digital marketing features will provide a powerful boost to any company, whether SMEs or large companies. It is logical to think that, if the user spends a lot of time online, new communication efforts should be directed in that direction.

Some of the features and advantages of digital marketing are:

  • Segmentation. We can reach a very specific target audience, we know their characteristics and preferences and can target them directly. We will be able to focus our communication on a very specific audience, limiting the number of impacts and reducing communication costs.
  • Measurement. Analytics tools allow users to know the precise behaviour of the user when they come into contact with a website or its own application. With Analytics or Firebase in apps, we can know which places you visit, for how long, where it comes from or where you clicked. This rich information will be useful to adapt our communication strategy, adapting it to the data collected.
  • Immediate and interactive. The analysis tools report data in real time and contact with the user is instantaneously produced, allowing us to make changes to our campaign in just a moment. In addition, direct communication with the user allows you to send personalized messages, useful to know first-hand your concerns and the way you interact with us.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

A smartphone is such a portable computer that we can take it in our pocket, anywhere and anytime. In addition to all the advantages of digital, there are also the advantages of mobile marketing:

  • Omnipresence. A mobile device can be used anywhere and you can reach the user wherever he is. Supported by the 3g or 4g network technology, the static barrier is broken. The quality of home connection ADSL or fiber optic connection is now available everywhere.
  • Geolocation. Compared to the previous advantage, a mobile device can take advantage of the specific characteristics of the space where it is located thanks to its GPS sensors. If we used to talk about segmentation, here we exceed this limit by being able to perform actions according to the exact coordinates where it is located. Services such as Yelp or Foursquare are primarily based on geolocation.

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  • Double screen. This trend, in which the user looks more closely at his mobile device to the detriment of the attention he pays to television, can be taken advantage of by some businesses in his favor. Many programs are becoming interactive thanks to the second screen, trying to get the user to participate with them, suggesting that they write or upload photos from their phone talking about them. A great opportunity for those companies that can be aware of TV trends to capture the attention of their audiences.
  • Push notifications. The user will receive your notification in real time. While you used to have to open your computer, check your email, or type in a specific web page to get updates, you can now be on the lookout for anything that’s new at the moment. In this article we talk about push notifications and their benefits in more detail.
  • App Creation. The ultimate manifestation of the utility of a Smartphone. If we have programs and videogames on our desktop that allow us to take advantage of the advantages of our computer, mobile applications are available. It is an interactive tool designed to operate taking profit of all the advantages described in this section. Your own application will help you to contact your user, without intermediaries, offering a specific content of the highest quality.

If you’re considering to create an app for your business, you should take into account the advice above. Study what advantages your own application will bring, how it will affect your business strategy, how it will differ from your website and other communication channels. Here you can know 5 + 1 things that can not miss when creating an app.

Now that you know the advantages of mobile marketing and having an app, you need to know what channels exist to get yours. You can go to a team specialized in the development of applications for Android and iOS or use CMS tools for app, reducing time and costs in the creation of your application.

And you’re already mobile?