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Podcast: Autofabricantes, King of App, “Your recommendation.”

The world of mobile App already has a powerful open source tool to facilitate the creation of applications, both for Android and IOS and puts creation within the reach of individuals, groups and companies. , customization and publication of these apps in an intuitive and easy way. It is known as the WordPress of apps …

Webinar with Agencia ASO: how to position your application in app stores

More and more people have an Internet connection on their smartphones, which generates a considerable increase in the number of users who use their mobile phones or tablets every day. Specifically, the time spent on applications is 84.9%, making them one of the most popular pastimes in the digital world.

In the app business, developing a chat bot may be a gold mine

About five years ago the fever of the apps spread among the companies; Before that, it was websites, and more recently, social networks. In each phase everyone wanted to revolutionize their business with their dot com, mobile app, Twitter account. And now it’s the chatbots turn. On a global level, brands of all the twists …

How to find a profitable app market niche

A niche market is a marketing term used to refer to a portion of a market segment in which individuals possess homogeneous characteristics and needs, and the latter are not fully covered by the overall market supply.

Developing apps for iPad and tablets: does it still make sense?

It’s a fact that when it comes to tablets, most average users quickly associate it with the iPad. There are a large number of mobile devices similar to Apple, although this is the one that continues to achieve the highest sales volume in terms of tablets, according to a study recently published by Chitika (a …

“We like to define King of app as the WordPress of apps”

When any business considers making the leap to creating a mobile app, using the King of app platform is an alternative that has been gaining integers in the market for some time. This framework seeks to make work as easy as possible. To do this, it simplifies the process of importing a website to “convert” …

Apps that became obsolete after an Android or iOS update

The most popular apps are an example of success in the mobile market, because they offer a unique function to their users. However, the manufacturers of mobile operating systems are also in a constant search for novel functions that can enhance their platforms.

A WordPress to create mobile applications

In the same way that no company worth its salt should neglect its online presence or underestimate the usefulness of having its website, it is difficult to imagine a brand of a certain weight that has not developed its own mobile application. Democratization in web development has its greatest exponent in content management platforms such …

Top app trends for the next 2 years

The mobile world is increasingly more mainstream than ever, and businesses from all industries rely more and more to surprise their profits by meeting the demand of customers. The future of mobile application development for the coming years promises to continue to lead to new and innovative technologies and tools, along with the growth of …

Apple rocks the world: iOS market shared per countries

According to Kantar WorldPanel, a market research international agency, during the last year, the market share of iOS continues to grow worldwide in countries such as the US, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and rural China, curiously in the cities wins Android. In the only places where iOS decreases has been Japan and Spain.