King of App

Términos y condiciones


King of App SL (hereinafter, “King of App” or the “Company”) offers the service of creation, design and publication of Plugins and mobile applications. These terms apply to users of the Web, whether they are registered users.
as if not. Therefore, if you do not agree with these terms, you will not be able to navigate or use our website, since doing so implies accepting them.

The terms of this agreement may change over time. It is your responsibility to access this page periodically to keep up to date with updates.

Purpose and scope of application.

These terms and conditions are intended to regulate the relationship between the users of the Platform and King of App, SL, a commercial entity of Spanish nationality, domiciled at C / Vallcalent, 47 – 25006 Lérida (Spain) and CIF
B-25769498, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Lleida, volume 1,361, folio 130, page No. L-27,245. The user can contact King of App through theking@kingofapp.com or at the
phone 639976926.


Author / s: registered user under whose profile a Complement is offered for sale, as the owner of the rights over it.
Plugin, Extension, Plug-in (and their plurals): modules, templates, themes and services that are created, designed and / or offered to users on the Web.
Configurator: private repository, closed source, not accessible by any type of user, which is executed on the Platform to generate the configuration file from which an application is built
Tools: refers to the Configurator and the Viewer, as two software programs owned by King of App that run on the Platform and participate in the process of creating and designing Plugins
and mobile applications.
Platform, Web: it is used to refer to the website as a whole in which King of App provides its services and offers its products.
Viewer: computer program that builds the mobile application from the configuration file.
Registration and registration in King Of App.

In order to access the service offered by King of App, it is necessary to create a registered user account, providing King of App with the data indicated in the form.

Registration in King of App implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and all legal texts available on the Web, which are incorporated by reference.

Anyone who is legally of legal age in their country of residence may register in King of App. Minors must do so through a user account of their parents,
guardians or legal representatives, with their consent to be able to use King of App, these adults being fully responsible for the minor’s actions on the Web.

Identity, veracity and security of the profile.

The user declares the veracity of the data and that in no case will they make fraudulent use of them, nor will they supplant the identity of third parties or act on behalf of third parties with respect to whom they do not exercise functions of

Unless the affected user notifies the Company, King of App cannot detect identity theft or unauthorized use of registration keys. Therefore, the user is responsible for the safety and
correct use of your passwords, and you must hold King of App harmless in the event of a conflict of this type.

King of App service management.

King of App allows you to create, edit and publish Plugins, as well as integrate them into mobile applications to compile and publish them later on different distribution platforms.

King of App reserves the right to add additional content to your Plugins, mobile applications or to the services you use, such as the insertion of advertising spaces with information from third parties or information
commercial about King of App. In the case of inclusion of advertisements within mobile applications by the user, King of App is not responsible for the content of such advertisements, provided by an ad provider outside of King of App.

King of App may offer some services that will allow the user to obtain economic income, either through the direct sale of the Add-ons or mobile applications distributed through King of App or by the insertion of third-party advertisements within them. For the perception of said income, the user must provide King of App with their real tax data and guarantee that they are in a legal position to be able to receive
said income according to the laws of your country of residence.

In the event that some of these services that allow the user to obtain economic income are managed through a service provider external to King of App, it will be the user’s responsibility to agree with said provider
payment methods and provide King of App with the necessary data to be able to start up said service and initiate the transactional relationship between the user and the external service provider.

As a complement, King of App offers a series of services aimed at users who want to make professional use of the mobile applications or Complements offered by King of App. These services imply a cost
additional that must be paid to King of App before being able to activate them.


By default, all subscriptions will be automatically renewed for the same contracted period once you see

The term initially established for said services begins. The user can refuse the renewal of these services
at any time prior to automatic renewal. King of App reserves the right to deny subscriptions, renewals or other types of purchases for any reason.

Other purchases.

King of App may offer new payment products and services in the future through the King of App website. Said products and services may be subject to specific terms and conditions that may be presented at the time.
of the purchase.

Purchasing process.

The user will have a section called “Cart” on the dashboard where they can see the summary of the items they have purchased, their price and the total amount of the purchase. Prior to accessing the payment platform,
the registered user must fill in the details of their invoice. If the user agrees, they can continue the process through the PayPal payment gateway, by clicking on “Buy with PayPal”. Then you will need to enter
your user of this platform or carry out the payment by card, selecting the corresponding option. Acceptance of the purchase is granted when the user completes the entire process designed by the payment gateway.

By clicking on the payment confirmation of the corresponding gateway, the user expresses the total acceptance of each and every one of the Terms and Conditions as shown on the website at the time of purchasing the products. The news that may occur in the clauses later will not be applicable.

Error correction.

If the user made an error when placing the order, they must contact King of App through any of the means indicated in these terms or on the Web.

Receipt confirmation.

King of App will confirm to the user the receipt of acceptance by sending an email, so that it can be filed by the user.

Exemplary for the user.

If the user wants to read the terms and conditions in more detail, they can print them on paper or save the document in electronic format.


The language of perfection of this contract is Spanish.

Intellectual property.
Web page and other elements.

King of App is the owner of the King of App Website, including the source code, King of App logos, appearance, images, texts, videos, software and any other creation contained in the Platform, provided that it does not
otherwise stated. King of App reserves all intellectual property rights on these creations.

King of App will not provide any user with the source code of any application created with King of App in the native language of any of the mobile platforms supported by the apps. In the case of versions of a application that are interpreted by the device itself, such as the Web versions, the user may have access to said source code, but King of App will remain as owner and author, not having the right to user to modify or misuse it.


The user who creates and / or publishes a Plugin in King of App declares to be the owner of the intellectual property rights necessary for it. In addition, it is recognized as responsible for these creations and the content.
that he includes in them. If you use content whose intellectual property belongs to a third party, the user must have sufficient authorization from the third party. In case of not having said authorization, the user of
King of App will be responsible for any intellectual property conflict that may arise.

The Plugins that the Author publishes on the Platform, as well as their content, will be licensed to other users in accordance with the terms of the corresponding license (basic or
complete) that the Author has chosen, but in no case is property over them being transferred. Likewise, these contents will be licensed
to the end user of the mobile application in which they are included, through the end user licenses in the different distribution platforms.

Licenses for the use of King of App Tools.

The King of App Platform is composed of a series of IT Tools that allow the user to create, edit, publish or sell Plugins, as well as integrate them into mobile applications for sale through
from different distribution platforms. Use of these Tools is subject to license conditions, detailed below. Unless otherwise stated, King of App reserves all rights about these Tools.

App configurator. License and restrictions.

King of App offers the user, for the time it is registered, a worldwide, non-exclusive and non-sublicensable or transferable license, limited to the execution of the App Configurator, property of King of App, with the
goal of creating and / or editing Plugins on the King of App Platform, for subsequent integration into mobile applications. In no case is its execution authorized outside of what is essential to comply with its function, being specially prohibited its use outside the web builder. Regarding its source code, the rights of access, modification, making backup copies, decompilation, are fully reserved, or reverse engineering the source code. The rights of public communication, transformation and distribution are not licensed either.

Viewer. License and restrictions.

Its use is licensed to users of the Platform under the OSL 3.0 license, the full text of which can be consulted here.

Commercial purpose.

These King of App Tools use licenses allow the user to create, edit or publish Plugins and mobile applications for commercial purposes.

Promotional uses.

King of App may use for promotional purposes all or part of the applications or Plugins created on the Platform, to advertise or publicize its products, its technology and the catalog available on the Web. This promotion refers to the use on the Platform, in public relations acts, in publications on social networks, newsletters, and other means of communication, for the benefit that it may entail for both Parties, without
no payment is due for it.

Content restrictions.

It is strictly forbidden to use the King of App service to create, edit, publish or sell Plugins or mobile applications whose content:

  • Infringe the copyright or other rights of third parties (trademarks, privacy rights, image rights, etc.)
  • Has racist, violent, defamatory or discriminatory connotations towards individuals or groups.
  • Exploit minors.
  • Denote illegal acts or extreme violence.
  • Denote animal abuse or extreme violence towards animals.
  • Promote fraudulent actions and business models.
  • Violate any law in the countries where the application will be published.
  • Sabotage the security mechanisms of the mobile device, illegally obtain personal data or in any way pose a threat to the privacy, honor or privacy of users.

In the event that King of App does not detect any infringement of these restrictions, but they are present, King of App will be exempt from any type of responsibility for the content, being the user in question the sole and exclusive responsible for any infraction of any law.

Users of the Web, both registered and not, may communicate to King of App the existence of Plugins, mobile applications or any other elements that they consider violate their rights, rights of third parties, content restrictions or that are in any way conflicting.

Faculty of review.

King of App has no obligation to review the Plugins, mobile applications or other content that users publish on the web, but it may do so at its discretion.

King of App reserves the right to prevent, suspend or withdraw the publication of those elements that it considers contrary to the content restrictions, are a source of potential risks or generators of possible conflicts.
with third party rights.

Likewise, in exercise of this power of review, King of App may request the Author to introduce the necessary modifications in the Plugins, to adjust them to quality levels, and may prevent their publication.
as long as the user does not meet these minimums.

Withdrawal of Complements.

In addition to those other causes indicated in these Terms and Conditions and in other legal texts of the Platform, King of App may withdraw (suspend, interrupt) those Complements that, at its own discretion, complaint from other users, third parties or competent authorities, it is considered that they may be a source of or contain:

  • Violations of the rights of third parties.
  • Violations of the legal texts of the Platform.
  • Malicious content or that may cause damage of any kind (for example, technical, computer, economic, moral …) to users, their customers or their mobile applications.
  • When a Plugin is withdrawn, the user will receive a notice in the alerts section. The withdrawal will prevent the user from compiling the mobile application.

Maintenance and updates.

The user who has published Plugins is obliged to take the necessary actions to keep them updated, as well as to prevent, correct errors and make adaptations and improvements to them.

Each Author is responsible for providing a maintenance service:

Corrective, consisting of all those operations to correct or repair software failures. These maintenance tasks will be carried out after the failure has been presented and will have the purpose of the operation
correct of it.