About King of App,
the WordPress of apps

We created King of App to revolutionize app production. Focusing on improving the relationship between brands and users through an innovative platform.


360 ° solution for professionals

We offer a complete solution for web professionals, agencies and software companies to create fully custom apps without relying on native code.

Open Source app builder

Full access to source code

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What is King of App?

Creating native mobile apps is expensive and time consuming. Since each app has to be developed twice, once for iOS and once for Android. Its high cost is due to the fact that there are few native developers, and as there is a high demand for these professionals, their prices do not stop rising.

That is why we created King of App, the WordPress of apps, and we did it with the same philosophy of working as this popular CMS. We created it as a tool designed for professionals who make websites: since these professionals develop 100 times more digital projects, and their contracting price is much cheaper since there is a high offer.

Our users can reuse their knowledge and web development tools to create any app, since we provide them with an Open Source platform.

You can select one of the 200 templates that you will find when you start your project and then thanks to the Drag & Drop constructor you will be able to create the structure you want. Being able to add as many menus as modules your application needs. We offer you more than 400 plugins to display any type of data. Among them are: Plugins to transform WordPress into an app, Woocoomerce, Prestashop, Magenta, Joomla, Drupal, or any type of website. Plugins to import forms, make custom designs or transform an Excel into an app thanks to the connection with Google Sheet and its ecosystem of tools. In short, they will have a complete tool that will allow them to create any type of app. In addition, as our platform is completely open, Open Source, the user, if he wishes, will have access to the code and the native resources of the mobile at all times (camera, gyroscope, gps, …) being able to create any type of app.

We complement this great tool with an automatic publication system in the official markets: Apple and Android, the possibility of generating testing apps, downloading source code and certificates of the app or generating the PWA version, for execution on desktop or web environment .

Our ecosystem is 360 degrees, since we offer the open source creation tool, automation tools, version system to be able to carry out the technical maintenance of the app, training academy to learn techniques for creating apps and mobile marketing, and support professional technician, an all-in-one for agencies, web freelance or software factors to scale your business.

In this way we popularize the creation of low cost mobile solutions. Since the average price of an app for a platform of the two officials has an average price of 6000 euros, while the cost of creating an app with the same characteristics in King of App is 290 € / year.

Our mission is to popularize the creation of mobile solutions.

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From Lleida with love

Not everything is born in the big “cities”.

King of App was born and developed in a small city located in the Northwest of Catalonia, Spain. Despite growing and developing in several cities around the world: Madrid, New York, San Francisco … we have always kept the perspective of local marketing, so that our product can respond to both large agencies and developers local.

Our values


King of App history

We created King of App as an agency for agencies.

King of App was born in January 2014 in response to the needs of various professionals in the marketing and advertising industry. Every time our team presented the budget to create an application, the costs were too high for the clients. At this hurdle, we saw the need to develop a system that would reduce these budgets without increasing production time. Determined to find the solution, we rolled our sleeves and over the next two years developed a unique technology to radically change the world of apps.

We created King of App to unleash the way applications are built, focusing on improving the relationship between companies and customers through an innovative platform. We design and develop an Open-Source tool for the professional community that allows you to build apps for everyone in a fast, affordable and agile way.

We work on an open source platform to have the ability to respond to each demand immediately. King of App is the arbiter of a community ensuring code quality while supplying it with resources for unlimited creation. This allows us to connect any data source and customize applications with open access code. Finally, King of App offers services that guarantee universal access to involve authors and users, creating a communicative ecosystem in both directions.

Our philosophy is simple: easy to learn software. With this goal in mind, we decided to use widely known web technologies to ensure open access to a wide variety of people, while maintaining the high standard in creating mobile applications.

For us, assisting in the content distribution process or app development is not enough. We go one step further, providing everyone with access to thousands of tools to create optimal user engagement within the app.