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If you know how to create websites, now you know how to make mobile apps.

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Welcome to the App Builder

Online software that allows you to create any type of mobile app for iOS and Android.

You can create apps without code, you can use more than 400 plugins that you have ready to use, or if you are a professional user you have full access to the code: without limits. And then, when you have your application ready, enjoy the automatic system to publish your application in Apple Store and Google Play.

A 360 mobile marketing solution: App Builder, automatic publication, tool for app maintenance, academy and professional support.

Transform any website into mobile app

We have different techniques to transform your website into an app quickly. 

You will find different types of plugins for WordPress, Prestashop, Google Sheet, Woocoomerce, Vtex, Shopify, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Wix, Blogger or self-code websites… All you can transform them into mobile applications, and be ready to publish in the official markets.

You will be able to import all the data in real time to optimize your work and make content management easier. You can also import functionalities, business rules, payment systems, …

And so you can multiply the functionalities of your app to infinity!

"Create apps like a WordPress style"

What is King of App? And what can offer you?

We created King of App because every time that we wanted to create an app, the price was expensive and all customers reject the projects to be over budget.

Then all the solutions that we found were closed, they did not allow us to access the code, or customize the apps, or add new functionalities.

That is why we created KOA, an Open Source solution that was born with the idea of ​​being able to create apps with web tools, and with the priority to be able to reuse the code. In this way, the effort of a project is multiplied with the effect of the community.

How works this app maker?

The process of creating an app and a website are different, the process of publishing a mobile app in the iOS and Android markets.

That is why we have created an automated system to make the process easier for you, and like this service we have many more so that creating apps has no limits for you.

"Be the owner of the apps that you create"

I want to start my app business

If you want to start your own app business, you are in the right place.We will provide you a 360-degree solution: a software without limits. This CMS will allow you to scale and be transparent, testing and self-publishing tools, tools to maintain your app projects.

The training academy and technical support will help you to grow. With this presentation you will understand what you need to create a successful business.

I'm looking for someone to develop my app

King of App is a professional tool and many times we meet clients who want to take advantage of the capabilities of our builder to have a powerful and inexpensive application, but at the same time they do not have the time or the knowledge to create it.

If what you are looking for is to transform your website into an app, we have perfect solutions. And if you require a more complete solution, we will study your project and make you a customized budget.

I want to create a single app

If you are looking for a do-it-yourself solution to create the app by yourself, King of App can be your tool. We are a solution designed for professionals, although thanks to the Drag and Drop constructor it is easy to use, but we recommend that you take this course for free on our YouTube channel.

In this course we will teach you step by step the basic things you need to know to develop your app with agility.

What offer you the best app builder on the market ?

  • Total freedom of creation
  • The app ownership is yours
  • Modular creation and scalability
  • Own and independent databases

Main features of the mobile app builder:


Automatic publishing system

Automatically publish in the Apple Store and Google Play with your id.


Full access to the code

To have access to the code is to have the freedom to be able to modify everything.


Drag and Drop Builder

Drag and drop, it’s easy to build views to display your content.


Complex navigations

Structure the data in your application with as many menus as you need.


+ than 200 themes

A template is a great starting point to build your app faster.


+ 400 plugins

All kinds of prebuilt modules ready to display content.


Third-party integrations

Thanks to our connections with CMS and API’s you can import any type of data.


Create complex views

Add as many modules as you need in the same screen.


Download the source code

Feel the power of being the real owner and downloading your app code.


Download the certificates

You will have the compilation certificates because the ownership is yours

Test on real devices

Feel the freedom of being able to test your app on a real device.


Profesional academy

+70 courses in app creation, mobile marketing and application programming.


Integrate any API

We connect to any database through API connections.


Professional Technical Support

We will accompany you at all times, so that you can grow quickly.


Transform your website into an app

With our techniques you can convert any website into an app.


Use native resources

Access the native resources such as the camera, the gyroscope, gps …

If you know how to make websites, now you will know how to create apps: KOA Academy

In our Academy you will find everything you need to learn to dedicate yourself to the world of apps:

How to create apps:

  • Techniques and tutorials
  • Develop custom modules and templates
  • markets positioning, ASO
  • Include third-party code and Insert API’s
  • Mobile Monetization
  • Analytics
  • Generate engagement and mobile marketing campaigns
  • Mobile Commerce
  • And much more!
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