Payment module license

Here you will find the license for our payment modules.


License for payment modules.

If you want to sell or acquire Payment Add-ons, this is your license. Please read the following clauses carefully, as they establish a series of rights and obligations to which you commit yourself. Everything that is not included here is regulated by the Platform’s Terms and Conditions, so be sure to consult them as well.

Some definitions.

  • Application: the result element of the compilation process, which is offered on distribution platforms for use on mobile devices.
  • Author: a registered user under whose profile a Plugin is offered for sale, and who owns all intellectual or industrial property rights over it, so that it is published, licensed, and legally allowed to be used in an Application.
  • Plugin: modules, templates, themes, and other plugins that are purchased on King of App and are subject to this license.
  • Platform, Web: is used to refer to the web page as a whole on which King of App provides its services and offers its products.

What this license entails.

The Author is the owner or has permission.

The Author must be the owner of the intellectual, industrial, image, or other property rights that may be attached to the Plugin or its content, or be authorized to allow users to legally use the Plugins within the limits of this license.

Why it is important.

If the Author did not have those rights or permissions, the publication on King of App or the use of the Plugin by users would not be legal: we would be using something that does not belong to us, in a way that we are not allowed to. If the Author is committing any copyright or third-party rights violations with or in his Plugin, he will be fully responsible to legitimate owners, users, and King of App for any damages and losses of any kind arising from the infringement, holding them harmless against claims from third parties.

The license authorizes, does not sell.

By granting this license, the Author is not selling the Plugin, but giving a series of permissions to the user. These permissions define what can and cannot be done, since everything that is not expressly allowed will be reserved for the Author.

Use of copyleft licenses.

Licenses that some of the contents of the Plugins may have must in any case be compatible with these terms and conditions. There are contents and software whose use is only allowed on the condition that the terms of their licenses (called “strict copyleft” licenses) also apply to all works in which they are integrated. At King of App, we want each Author to be able to choose how to license their Plugins, and for each user to be able to license their Applications while respecting the distribution platform’s conditions. Therefore, the Author agrees not to include creations in the Plugins whose licenses obligate other programs, code pieces, or intellectual creations with which they integrate, communicate or link, to be licensed under the same conditions.

King of App as intermediary.

King of App only acts as an intermediary. It does not edit, review, nor can it have knowledge of all published contents. King of App offers technology as a tool for publishing, designing, and editing Plugins, and a meeting point for designers (Authors) and users. The Terms and Conditions define the framework of guarantees and liability of King of App, Authors, and users. The Author licenses his Plugin, and therefore this license is between him and the users. King of App enables this relationship, providing technology and a meeting point, a marketplace. The author publishes and licenses this from his registered user profile, selecting in the process which type of license he wants. The user, when acquiring an Add-on, accepts to use it under these terms.

Terms and Conditions of the Website.

The terms of use of the Platform complement the provisions of this license and will apply subsidiarily for those cases in which it does not contain a specific regulation. However, if there is a conflict between the terms of one and the other, the license terms shall prevail.

For whom and for what.

Scope of this license.

This license grants the buyer a worldwide, indefinite, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable authorization.

One license, one Application.

This authorization is for use in a single mobile Application, and a license must be acquired for each Application in which the Add-on is to be integrated.

License for use by registered user.

Add-ons under this paid license are offered to registered users. This license enables registered users to access the source code and customize the Add-on, with the aim of integrating these Add-ons into a mobile Application, compiled under the King of App ID or under the user’s ID, a Product that will subsequently be distributed on various third-party platforms for mobile Applications. The Author, and not King of App, is the licensor of the Add-on and therefore authorizes its use under the conditions of this license. In no case shall the Author be able to negotiate particular terms with the users of the Add-on, which shall in any case be considered not applicable.

License for compilation, publication, and sale on distribution platforms.

Among the services offered by King of App is the compilation, publication, and sale of mobile Applications on distribution platforms of operators such as Apple or Google. The Author authorizes King of App and users who purchase their Add-on to use it in these processes and to license the mobile Applications, where the Add-on is integrated, under their own developer ID, when applicable.

What is allowed.

The user who acquires the Add-on may:
  1. Access the source code to customize the Add-on, with the aim of adapting it to the needs of their Application.
  2. Incorporate it into a single Application.
  3. Sell and make an indeterminate number of copies of the Application.
  4. When the Application is the result of an order by a customer of the licensee user, it will be understood that the user has acquired the Add-on on behalf of that customer only, and must acquire another license for other customers who may need it. The ownership of the Application and the license of the Add-on shall belong to the customer. The user may charge their customer for the mobile Application order.
  5. The access to the source code allowed to users shall be in plain text and in a specific section of the Website.

What is not allowed.

The permissions granted in this license are granted to allow the publication, editing, and integration of the Add-on into an Application, which will subsequently be distributed. For all of this, uses that are not directed at achieving these purposes are not allowed. Other uses are, unless otherwise stated, reserved for the Author. For example, expressly excluded uses are: