Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are adapting our Privacy Policy to the new General Data Protection Regulation.

In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD) and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, which approves the Regulation of development of the LOPD (hereinafter RDLOPD), King of App highlights its policy, regarding the treatment and protection of personal data, which will be applicable to those people who voluntarily communicate through email with King of App, fill in data collection forms, formalize a contractual relationship with King of App or use any other service on the website that involves the communication of data to King of App or access to data by King of App to the provision of services.

The use of the services of King of App will imply the express acceptance of this policy. Likewise, these conditions will be of subsidiary application of those others that on the same subject are established, with special character, and are communicated without limitation through the Registration forms, contracts and / or conditions of the particular services, these policies being complementary to the previous ones in that which is not expressly provided and that is not contradicted.
King of App informs the user of the website of the existence of various treatments and files of personal data whose controller is King of App with registered office at C / Vallcalent No. 47, 25006 Lleida (Lleida), Spain, where the data are collected and stored. personal data communicated to King of App.
Emails and corporate communications Emails and other corporate communications made by King of App personnel, as well as their attached documents and their content, are confidential (especially with regard to personal data) and are addressed exclusively to the intended recipient. in each case. If the recipient of the message is not that legitimate recipient, or has knowledge of the message for any reason, please communicate it and proceed to eliminate it, and in any case not use, reproduce, alter, archive, forward or communicate to third parties the message and / or attached documents, being able to generate legal responsibilities otherwise. The opinions that may be expressed in such messages and documents belong exclusively to their sender and do not represent the opinion of King of App, unless expressly stated and the sender is authorized to do so. King of App does not guarantee the integrity, speed or security of such communications, nor is it responsible for possible damages derived from the capture, incorporation of viruses or any other manipulations.
Sending an email to King of App, or communication to King of App of any other personal data through any means, entails or implies the provision of free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for data processing personal by King of App, which will be carried out in order to attend the communications received.

When contracting services offered by King of App, the data will be processed in order to maintain the contractual relationship that may be established, in accordance with the nature and characteristics of the contracted service and exclusively for this purpose, King of App will contact with the client through e-mail, sms or other means indicated by the latter, as well as for the maintenance of commercial relationship histories during the legally established deadlines.

King of App allows customers to choose, in the form they fill out when registering, whether or not they want to receive commercial information. Regardless of the option they have chosen, they can modify it at any time, as many times as they wish, from the specific section for this purpose, available in their user area.

In those cases in which clients choose to receive commercial information, King of App informs that their data will be processed for the sending of documentation and information related to the services, commercial and / or advertising communications about them, or other similar ones, by means of postal, telephone, e-mail, sms or other means indicated by the client.

In those cases in which King of App must access and / or process data of a personal nature, responsibility and ownership of its clients, for the adequate provision of the contracted services, it will process the corresponding data as the data controller in accordance with the provisions. in this Privacy Policy in which the obligations of the parties are regulated in the terms established in article 12 of the LOPD and concordant with the RDLOPD.

King of App uses “cookies” when browsing its website, https://kingofapp.es. “Cookies” are small files that our computer equipment send to the users of the web https://kingofapp.es and that automatically collect information about the IP address of the visitor, the day and time when the visit begins and leaves, as well as information about the different sections The users can configure their browser so that it alerts them on the screen if they are going to receive a cookie. Likewise, users may configure their computer equipment, in order not to receive these cookies, not being an impediment for them to access the information on the website https://kingofapp.es
The user may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in those cases where possible, by sending a message to the following email address: [email protected] or by sending a written request indicating the request. or right that you exercise, together with a copy of your ID or valid document in law that proves your identity, addressed to King of App at the following postal address: Calle del Hierro, 33, planta 3, nave 7, 28045, Madrid, Spain , to the attention of the Legal Department.
King of App plans to carry out assignments or communications of data that, by reason of article 11 of the LOPD, must carry out to meet its obligations with Public Administrations and, where appropriate, also, to other bodies, when required by current Legislation. In this sense and in compliance with the provisions of Law 25/2007, of October 18, on the conservation of data related to electronic communications and public networks, informs the user that King of App must proceed to retain and conserve certain data from traffic generated during the development of communications, as well as, where appropriate, communicate said data to the competent bodies, provided that the circumstances provided for in said Law concur.Also, in those cases in which it is applicable as a result of the provision of the services, and as a requirement established by ICANN or competent registrant organization, the holder of a domain name aut orizes the publication of the data related to the ownership of the domain name in question and the administrative, technical and payment contacts that, according to the regulations, must be public and accessible from the whois of the competent registrars. In the event that the client is not the owner, he / she is obliged to obtain from him / her the authorization for the publication of the data and the transmission of the same. King of App informs that it may transfer the personal data, exclusively for the detailed purposes throughout this Policy, to any companies that are members of the Group of Companies of which it is a part, understood in the sense of article 4 of Law 24/1988, of July 28, of the Securities Market, whose activity Whether the marketing of services of an identical or analogous nature to those offered by King of App, such as Internet presence services, managed Hosting, cloud computing or advanced technological infrastructure solutions, for which, the user and / or client provides their consent in advance.
King of App warns that, except for the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user and / or client may use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, so at all times you must bear in mind that you must communicate to King of App, personal data corresponding to their own identity and that are adequate, pertinent, current, exact and true. For this purpose, the user and / or client will be solely responsible for any damage, direct and / or indirect that it causes to third parties or King of App for the use of personal data of another person, or their own personal data when it is false, erroneous, not current, inappropriate or irrelevant. Likewise, the user and / or client who communicates the personal data of a third party, will respond to the latter for the information obligation established in article 5.4 of the LOPD for when the personal data has not been collected from the interested party, and / or the consequences of not having informed you.
King of App informs that, in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD and the RDLOPD, it has adopted the technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security of personal data, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, and that it will only record personal data in files that meet the conditions that are determined in the current regulations with respect to their integrity and security and those of the treatment centers, premises, equipment , systems and programs. Likewise, King of App guarantees compliance with the duty of professional secrecy regarding the personal data subject to treatment and the duty to keep them.
In accordance with article 12 of the LOPD and concordant ones of the RDLOPD, access and / or processing of personal data that are the responsibility and ownership of King of App customers will not be considered communication or transfer of data when it is necessary for the adequate provision of the services that are contracted in each case. In such cases, King of App will act as the person in charge of the treatment and will carry out the access and / or treatment of the data in accordance with the terms indicated below:
King of App will only process the data in accordance with the instructions of the client responsible for the treatment and will not apply or use them for a purpose other than that indicated in the contractual Conditions that apply to it, nor will it communicate them, not even for their conservation, to others. persons. King of App will not incur liability when, prior express indication of the client responsible for the treatment, communicates the data to a third party designated by him as provided in the LOPD and the RDLOPD.
Once the provision of the personal data treatment services has been completed, these will be destroyed, as will any support or documents that contain any personal data or any type of information that has been generated during, for and / or by the provision of the services object of the corresponding Conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, King of App may keep the aforementioned data duly blocked during the period in which responsibilities may arise from its relationship with the client.
In the event that King of App uses the data for another purpose, communicates it or uses it in breach of the corresponding Terms of Service, it will also be considered responsible for the treatment, responding to the infractions in which it has personally incurred.
King of App undertakes, in accordance with article 10 of the LOPD, to maintain due professional secrecy regarding the personal data that it must access and / or process in order to comply in each case with the purpose of the applicable Service Conditions, both during and after their termination, committing to use said information only for the intended purpose in each case and to demand the same level of commitment from any person who participates within your organization. At any stage in the processing of personal data, the responsibility of the client.
In accordance with the provisions of the RDLOPD, the following rules will apply in relation to the form and modalities of access to data for the provision of services:
When King of App must access the data processing resources located at the facilities of the client responsible for the treatment, the latter will be responsible for establishing and implementing the policy and security measures and communicating such policies and measures to King of App, who undertakes to respect them and demand their compliance from the people of your organization who participate in the provision of services.
When King of App remotely accesses the data processing resources that are the responsibility of the client, the latter will be responsible for establishing and implementing the policy and security measures in its remote processing systems and King of App will be responsible for establishing and implementing the policy and security measures in your local systems.
When the service is provided by King of App in its own premises, other than those of the client responsible for the treatment, it will collect in its security document the circumstances related to the treatment of the data in the terms required by current legislation, incorporating the measures security to be implemented in relation to said treatment.
In all cases, access to data by King of App will be subject to the security measures contemplated in current regulations on security of personal data in accordance with the provisions of Title VIII of the RDLOPD, which will have the condition of minimum enforceable, without prejudice to the specific legal or regulatory provisions in force that may be applicable in each case or those adopted by King of App on its own initiative.
The client authorizes King of App, in its capacity as data controller, to subcontract, in the name and on behalf of the client, with third parties the storage services, custody of data backup copies and security, in those cases in which so it is necessary, respecting in any case the obligations imposed by the LOPD and its implementing regulations. At any time, the client responsible for the treatment may contact King of App to find out the identifying data of the entities that, if applicable, are subcontracted by King of App for the provision of the indicated services, which in any case will act

In accordance with the terms provided in this document and prior formalization with King of App of a data access contract for the provision of services in the terms provided in articles 12 of the LOPD and 20 of the RDLOPD.
Likewise, the client responsible for the treatment authorizes King of App to carry out the actions indicated below provided that it is proven that they are necessary for the execution of the provision of services.
In any case, the authorization is limited to the action (s) that each provision of services requires and with a maximum duration similar to the validity of the applicable contractual conditions:
To carry out the processing of personal data on portable data processing devices only by users or user profiles assigned to the provision of services;
To carry out the treatment outside the premises of the client responsible for the treatment or King of App only by the users or user profiles assigned to the provision of services;
The entry and exit of the supports and documents containing personal data, including those included and / or attached to an email, outside the premises under the control of the client responsible for the treatment;
The execution of the data recovery procedures that King of App is obliged to execute.
King of App is not responsible for the breach of the obligations derived from the LOPD and its development regulations by the client responsible for the treatment in the part that corresponds to his activity and that is related to the execution of the contract or commercial relations to join King of App. Each party must face the responsibility that derives from its own breach of contractual obligations, legislation and regulations.

King of App, through this document, collects its Policy for the collection and treatment of cookies, in compliance with the provisions of article 22.2 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Information Society Services and of Electronic Commerce.

Cookies are stored on the user’s terminal equipment (computer or mobile device) and collect information when visiting the King of App web pages in order to improve their usability, know the browsing habits or needs of users to be able to adapt to them, as well as obtain information for statistical purposes. In the case of those users who are already King of App customers, the information collected with the cookies will also serve to identify them when accessing the different tools that King of App makes available to them to manage the services.

This Cookies Policy will be applicable to those users who voluntarily visit the King of App web pages, fill in data collection forms, access the tools that King of App makes available to its customers to manage its services, or use any other service present on the website that involves the communication of data to King of App, or access to data by King of App for the provision of its services.

King of App informs users of its web pages of the existence of cookies and makes this Policy available to them in order to inform them about their use and purpose. The fact of continuing browsing through its pages implies the knowledge and acceptance of this Policy by said users.

King of App uses the following types of cookies:

Classified by ownership:
Own cookies: sent and managed directly by King of App.
Third-party cookies:
<sent and managed by a third party unrelated to King of App, anonymously, in order to carry out statistical studies of navigation through the King of App web pages.
Classified by purpose:
Technical and / or personalization cookies: they facilitate navigation, by identifying the session, allowing access to restricted access tools, in addition to customizing the available options. They make it possible to provide the service previously requested by the user.
Analysis and / or advertising cookies: they allow to know the number of visits received in the different sections of the web pages, the habits and trends of its users and consequently, to be able to improve the navigation and the service offered by King of App (fundamentally, Google Analytics), as well as managing the advertising spaces included in the website visited by the user. It collects data anonymously in order to obtain user browsing profiles.
Classified by their duration:
Session cookies: collect and store data while the user accesses the website.
Persistent cookies: collect and

They store the data in the user’s terminal for a variable period of time depending on the purpose for which they have been used.

The conservation time of cookies will depend on the type in question and will always be the minimum necessary to fulfill their purpose.

In any case, users can configure their browser, so that the reception of all or some of the cookies is disabled or blocked. The fact of not wishing to receive these cookies does not constitute an impediment to access the information on the King of App websites, although the use of some services may be limited. If once consent has been granted for the reception of cookies, it is desired to withdraw it, those stored on the user’s computer must be eliminated, through the options of the different browsers.

The way to configure the different browsers to exercise the actions indicated in the previous paragraphs can be consulted at:


King of App will modify this Cookie Policy whenever there are changes in the configuration and / or use thereof, publishing its updated version on its websites.