6 tips to obtain profits from Android apps

Knowing the tricks to get profits from Android apps is very important. Why? Thanks to the success stories, many “app-preneurs” have emerged. However, the truth is that most applications lose about 76 percent of their consumers after the first three months of use, which means that even if your product is chosen from the vastness of existing app stores, income will dry soon.

So, how do you build an app that attracts loyal users, and is also solid enough to be profitable? Todd DiPaola, president of inMarket and his brother Mark, who serves as CEO, sold their marketing agency Vantage Media in 2002 for $ 150 million, which they used to launch CheckPoints in 2010. Now they are looking to launch a new application, List Bliss, which is backed by a series of lessons that entrepreneurs learned in developing their first application.

One of the things they learned is that rushing the development process can lead to a mediocre product. “Building an app is like building a house,” says Todd. “You need to spend some time thinking about how the rooms will look before you start building.” This attention to detail has had its reward: The inMarket network has more than 20 million users.

With the launch of List Bliss, inMarket offers a user-friendly tool to make grocery lists. The app allows users to scan barcodes to add items to their lists; It also monitors ingredients already on the list, lets you share it with family and friends, and incorporates product reviews. Also, it’s free. “We have several tools saved for users to release a few weeks after the release, but for now the priority is to launch a solid version 1.0,” says DiPaola.

Although entrepreneurs have learned many lessons in the application development process, the most important is the most obvious, as DiPaola says: “It just should work.” For six weeks Todd and his team brainstormed. They reviewed the competition, evaluated the features of the existing apps, and created a product they thought would attract their target audience – housewives who recently used smartphones and who still do not know they need a better shopping list. One of the meetings in the offices of inMarket aimed to define the design of List Bliss, which should stick to the essentials. “The best apps are not saturated,” says DiPaola.

Here we share some lessons from entrepreneurs to create a successful application for your business 

Tips to obtain profits from your Android app

1. Fewer registration buttons, better

Impatient users will look for any excuse to regret downloading your application so you should make it easier for them to register. Make it simple: in the first screen offers the free version, and in a second option the Premium, if you count with it. It allows users to register with their email or account on Facebook or Twitter.

2. Avoid unnecessary elements

A good app’s design is based on a number of purposes in mind, so when you add unnecessary elements, you decrease its functionality.

In the case of List Bliss, the heart of the product, the List of Super, went through several changes because each member of the team considered different users. The challenge is to offer functionality that appeals to a broad spectrum of users – from those who use it to write notes to those who want to monitor certain products and even divide the list into prices.

The solution? The app opens to a default screen of Super List, and includes an edit button that users can adjust according to their preferences.

3. It offers unique features

To attract loyal users, you must offer something that no one else has and at the same time make sure it is flexible, customizable and intuitive.

The most heated discussion on List Bliss revolved around the Save button on the Edit page. Someone on the team argued that users are aware that it is automatically saved, so there was no need to add buttons. Others thought housewives would want to make sure their things were kept. A consensus was reached: The Save button stayed, but a redundant button that appeared on the upper left side was removed.

4. Check the small details

Each design element should be considered in terms of efficiency and functionality. It is also important that you try all the functions, even the smallest, to avoid problems in the future.

It helps to have beta testers to give you feedback and simplify the user experience. “Sometimes you’re too close to the product,” says DiPaola, so you need others to evaluate it.

In addition, a couple of weeks before launch, inMarket launched a customer support system to address any questions or suggestions.

5. Do not be afraid to make changes

Do not be afraid to change things at the last moment or let someone external evaluate your product. Obvious solutions may not seem so obvious to those who are so involved in the process. Try to anticipate the possible problems that users would face.

Although List Bliss has an advantage because of the CheckPoint user base, inMarket has planned a marketing strategy for the new app: getting media and blog coverage, doing SEM, posting internal ads and promoting on Facebook. They will also make a video presentation with which, according to DiPaola, people will feel identified.

As for the reviews, DiPaola says that it is important to get reviews of four or five stars from the beginning, as these improve your positioning in the app stores which will make it easier to find.



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