License for free modules

Here you will find the license of our free modules.

License for free modules

If you want to offer or purchase free Add-ons, this is your license. Read the following clauses carefully, because they establish a series of rights, but also obligations to which you agree. Everything that is not included
Here it is regulated by the Terms and Conditions, so do not forget to consult them as well.

  Some definitions.  

What this license implies.

The Author is the owner or has permission.

The Author must be the owner of the intellectual, industrial, image or other property rights that may fall on the Plugin or its content, or be authorized to allow users to legally use the Plugins,
within the limits of this license.

Why it is important.

If the Author did not have those rights or permissions, the publication in King of App or the use of the Plugin by users would not be legal: we would be using something that does not belong to us, in a way that is not allowed.
In the event that the Author is committing, with or in his Complement, any violation of copyright or third party rights, he will be fully responsible to the legitimate owners, to the users and to King of App for the damages.
and damages of any kind derived from the infringement, keeping them harmless against third-party claims

The license authorizes, does not sell.

By granting this license, the Author is not selling the Plug-in, but rather giving a series of permissions to the user. These permissions define what can and cannot be done, since everything that is not expressly allowed will be reserved for the

Use of licenses with copyleft .

The licenses that some of the contents of the Plugins may have must, in any case, be compatible with these terms.
There is content and software whose use is only allowed on the condition that the terms of their licenses (called strict copyleft licenses) also apply to all those works in which they are integrated. In King
of App we want each Author to be able to choose how to license his Plugins, and that each user can in turn license his Applications respecting the conditions of the distribution platforms. Therefore, the Author undertakes to
not include in the Plugins creations whose licenses oblige other programs, pieces of code or intellectual creations with which they integrate, communicate or link, to be licensed under the same conditions.

King of App as an intermediary.

King of App only intermediate. It does not edit, review or have knowledge of all the published content. King of App offers a technology as a tool to publish, design and edit Plugins, and a meeting point for
designers (Authors) and users. The Terms and Conditions define the framework of guarantees and responsibility of King of App, the Authors and the users.
The Author is the one who licenses the Complement from him, and therefore this license is between him and the users. King of App enables this relationship, providing technology and a meeting point, a marketplace .
This publication and license is made by the Author from his registered user profile, selecting in the process what type of license he wants. The user, when acquiring a Plugin, agrees to use it under these terms.

Terms and Conditions of the Web.

The terms of use of the Platform complement the provisions of this license, and will be applied in a subsidiary manner for those cases in which it does not contain a specific regulation. But, if there is a conflict between the terms
of both, those of the license are of preferential application.

For whom and for what.

What is the scope of this license.

This license grants the buyer a worldwide, indefinite, non-exclusive, non-transferable, sublicensable authorization under certain conditions.

One license, one Product end.

This authorization is for a single use, that is, to create a single Final Product. If you want to include the Complement in more than one Application, or create different Items, you must acquire an additional license for each one of them.

License of use to the registered user.

The Plugins under this license are free and offered to registered users.
This license makes it possible for users to access the source code and personalize the contents of the Add-on, with the aim of creating a Final Product.
The Author, and not King of App, is the licensor of the Plug-in, and therefore authorizes its use under the terms of this license. In no case may the Author negotiate particular terms with the users of the Complement, which in any case
they will be considered not applicable.

License for compilation, publication and sale on distribution platforms.

The services offered by King of App include the compilation, publication and sale of the Mobile Applications on the distribution platforms of operators such as Apple or Google. The Author authorizes King of App and
the users who acquire their Plugin, to use it in these processes, and to license the Mobile Applications, where the Plugin is integrated, under their own developer ID, when applicable.

What is allowed.

The user who purchases the Add-on will be able to:

    1. Access the source code to customize the Plugin.
    2. Incorporate it into a single Application or develop a single Item.
    3. Sell and make an indeterminate number of copies of the Final Product.
    4. When the Final Product is the result of an order by a client of the licensee user, it will be understood that the user has acquired the Complement on behalf of that client only, having to acquire another license for others
      customers who may need it. The ownership of the Final Product and the license of the Add-on will correspond to the customer. The user may charge his client for this order.
    5. Access to the source code allowed to users will be in plain text and in a specific section of the Web.

What is not allowed.

They are expressly reserved uses:

  1. Offer the same Plugin, or with irrelevant modifications, on other web platforms, as a product itself.
  2. Allow the end user of the Application to modify and / or extract the Plugin from it.
  3. Enter or give access to illegal content, contrary to the content policies of King of App or infringing the rights of third parties.
  4. Use the Plug-in for illegal, infringing or damaging purposes of third parties.
  5. Use the Complement in more than one Final Product, even for the same customer, without having acquired the additional license that would be necessary.

Other restrictions.

Source code in native language.

This license does not provide any user with the source code of any Application, created with King of App, in the native language of any of the mobile platforms supported by the Applications.

It is not a trademark or patent license.

Within the Plugins there may be logos, brands, or other signs or symbols that may be the property of third parties. Therefore, its use outside the purpose, scope and limits of this license is not allowed. That is, they cannot
modify, extract, or use in other products or services that are not the Complement or Final Product itself, or for any other purpose than that of this license.
Neither is it granted a license for possible patents whose object of the claims is contained within the code of the Complement.

Does not grant image rights.

Some Plugins may contain photos or images of people. The Author must have sufficient permissions to legally incorporate them and make it possible for all the permissions of this license to be displayed. The same
time, the user will not be able to use those photographs or images in any way that exceeds the permissions of use that those images have.

What commitments does the user have.

Licensing notices and attribution notes.

In some cases the Plugins include indications of who the Author is, as well as license notices. Both must be respected and maintained by the user, since eliminating or altering them may in itself constitute an infringement
of intellectual property rights of their authors.

Modifications introduced.

The user can customize the Add-on to suit the needs of their Final Product. These modifications are made at his initiative and criteria, so they are his responsibility and he undertakes to assume it for damages
or damages that may cause King of App, the Author, the Users of the Item or the Application. Likewise, the user is the one who guarantees the operation, suitability, maintenance and updating of the modifications that have been made.


The Author grants this license free of charge.

Other agreements.

Everything that is not included in this license will be governed by the Terms and Conditions of the Web. If there is any inconsistency between those terms and this license, the terms of the license apply first.


This license may be terminated if the user breaches any of its terms.
As a consequence, the user must stop using the Plugin, withdraw it from the Application in which it has been integrated or withdraw the Final Product from the distribution platforms. Likewise, King of App may withdraw under its own
initiative the Plugin and the Application of your Website and of the platforms on which you have published them under your ID.
In case of repeated infringement, King of App may delete the user’s profile, which means losing: