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Your concentration is well worth a forest

Returning from a vacation period (for those who work) is difficult. After a few days of rest, relaxation and change of chip, recovering daily life and concentration is not an easy task. Our telephone , which still demands its doses of attention, becomes a faithful friend of being absent-minded. You have to focus, focus on work and perhaps this App will help us in this hard work. As much as the temptation to enter Instagram or Facebook to see who has commented on those magnificent photos that we have taken during the days of Easter, we must recover the old habit to work. In this, the Forest App can be a faithful friend that helps us put our phone aside and put our five senses in everything we have to do during our workday. Forest is a simple but effective application. Who does not join in competing with other co-workers to create the most lush forest? It looks like a game, but it is not. It is a productivity tool. Its mechanics are obvious. When the application starts, a half-hour countdown begins. During this time we will see a tree grow on our mobile screen. Every 30 minutes , a new tree that will make up our particular forest. If we close the App, the tree, and therefore our forest, dies and disappears. In other words, our lack of concentration implies deforestation . An App, useful not only at work; Try with your friends when you are with them in a restaurant; they will surely appreciate it. An App for the trees, not only to let you see the forest, but to put aside your mobile and focus on work, life, friends, everything around you.

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