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Meerkat or Periscope?

The fight to broadcast videos on streaming has long started. However, it was not until a few weeks ago that the battle raged. The fault of all this is two Apps: Meerkat and Periscope . Similar but different, which one to keep? The decision is complicated because both applications have a lot in common. Mainly, its function. Both follow the philosophy of “ what you see is what is happening “; that is, they allow you to broadcast a video live. But, as with the Immortals, only one can remain and the details and its future evolution are what will mark the path of success for both proposals. Persicope , with the support of an entire industry giant such as Twitter , seems to have a certain advantage in this race . In the comparison it comes out winning for small details such as the fact of being able to save a reproduction to see it at another time; something that Meerkat , which in a few weeks of life has raised more than 14 million dollars in investment and has more than 100,000 users, does not yet offer . A success that Twitter has not been slow to try to stop in favor of its proposal. And it is that Meerkat used the network to launch a tweet warning of the broadcast of a video with an access link to it and thus add users. Something that Twitter quickly censored by withdrawing Meerkat’s access to a series of functionalities that gave him wings in the first bars of life and to which he has had to react quickly in order not to lose steam. To alleviate this handicap directly related to the creation of a user community , Meerkat recommends prominent users in order to guarantee quality content among those who use this App. On the other hand, Periscope draws on its own base of Twitter data to grow in users. Another detail that separates one from the other is the messaging and comments system on the videos that are broadcast. Periscope, even though it is Twitter, has closed them so that they do not interfere with the timeline of users. A decision that responds to attempts to try to reduce noise from walls, where more and more comments of less interest appear. The fact that both have starred in this battle does not imply that it is either of the two that finally triumphs and remains a regular resource on our mobile phones. As is known, something is fabulous until something better comes along and in the world of new technologies, nothing can be ruled out. However, it seems that Periscope has acquired a certain advantage, will Meerkat be able to react? At the moment, those who have taken advantage of this battle are the creators of Lookats , a search engine that offers us all the videos that are being broadcast either via Meerkat as Periscope. A good way to see who has and offers more and better content.

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