The formula to make an App profitable

There are many developers and designers who are commissioned with an App. In it, put the five senses and try to achieve an optimal result. However, whoever orders it has in mind, beyond questions such as functionality or how attractive it may be, the performance that can be obtained. Sometimes it is no longer so much a matter of making a connection tool available to the general public, but also of making it profitable to the maximum. There are several options for monetizing an App and each formula must be adapted to both the type of application and the target audience . In general, you can talk about three ways to earn money with an App. The most common of these is to price the download. Each of the markets has its own price rules. However, a common element in all App users is that, if it is not something very essential and specific, they always opt for the free version of the applications. Obviously, to earn a living with this formula, the trick is to get as many downloads as possible . For this, three things must be taken into account and they are not easy to carry out. One is to establish itself as an App of reference, outstanding, in the markets. For this it is necessary that both Apple and Google look at it and that is not always achieved the first time. To achieve this, it is important to have a certain volume of downloads; that is to say, have the acceptance of the general public. So previously, you will have to bet on a marketing campaign . This implies investment and not everyone is in a position to allocate part of their budget to publicize their application in the online and offline media. So you have to bet on virality. Cases like FlappyBird are the perfect example of virality of an App. Being an impossible game quickly turned it into a reference. Word of mouth resulted in millions of downloads and immediate promotion. Of course, reaching these levels is complicated but you must bet on it. The three options, of course, feed off each other. Betting only on one does not work so it is necessary to always plan the launch of an App in a transversal way to achieve results in each of the fields. As long as the volume of downloads is not really high, other options to get a return on the investment in an App go through the freemium model. It combines the free download of the application with a series of complementary in-App services that have a cost for the user. Obviously, these services are always of optional acquisition and, therefore, they do not ensure recurring income on the application. This is where the third option comes in, advertising within the App . By selling small spaces in an application you can get recurring income. These spaces can be small banners located somewhere on the screen, the insertion of videos at specific times depending on the user’s navigation or intermediate screens (such as web interstitials) in which an advertiser can advertise their products. It is evident that its biggest contraindication is that the user does not want advertising in their App and ends up eliminating it. For this reason, you must always be very careful when inserting so that you do not end up stepping on the application’s own content. Ads, freemium or pay per download ; three valid options to analyze in depth so that they also fit with the type of audience an App is directed to.



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