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Mobile applications take over our lives and thinking of creating your own App is no longer crazy. With them, companies and individuals retain their customers and followers. Thus, the growing demand in this sector is not surprising. However, creating an App is not something trivial and should always be done from the strictest planning. Reviewing everything necessary, 7 are the questions to consider when facing the challenge of creating your first mobile application . Perhaps the main question to solve is always the same: the idea . You have to think in depth about the usefulness and suitability of the application. And it is that an App must be, above all, useful for the user. It is not that it has to solve a specific problem but rather that it offers you a type of recurring information that you can access easily and quickly. Otherwise, the application will become a Zombie App ; one that people download but rarely use. Therefore, the content of the App comes first. Once the idea is well defined, the rest of the aspects that will intervene in the development of the application can be addressed. It is important to plan . In fact it is basic. You have to know what the application is going to do, how those who download it will use it. This implies that, when we think about it, we must stipulate how it will behave, what will happen when a user presses a certain button and how the information will be presented. In this, having the advice of an expert in UX / UI (User Experience / User Interface) is outlined as necessary. The UX affects us navigability . In this, it is important to analyze if all the buttons are useful, if they are accessible, if they lead where they have to lead, if it is possible to return to the starting point in an easy and intuitive way. Instead, the UI focuses more on design , on issues related to being easy on the eye, following mobile standards, and so on. A good design and a logical and pleasant navigability will contribute more than 50% of the success of the App. In this regard, it should be said that the King of App templates, in full, have passed by strict UX / UI control in order to guarantee maximum usability by all users of the applications made with our CMS . Another aspect to take into account is related to the platforms on which the App will be available. Each market is different but it is not advisable to rule out anyone. An App that is only available in one of the majority mobile Operating Systems will never finish taking off. Android and iOs must have, equally, their version of the application; Failure to do so implies ruling out a very important part of potential users. It is true that paying for the development of an App in both media can increase the price if it is done in the old fashion but, fortunately, there are already tools that allow you to publish an App in both markets for the same price. With the design well defined and aware that it has to be available for any device, it is time to consider the possibility of adding extra services . This is the case, for example, with push notifications . These types of messages perfectly meet two basic needs: inform and build loyalty. On the one hand, thanks to the notifications we can launch messages of interest to users and, on the other, they are one of the main access routes to the Application itself: 80% of the users of an App enter it at the same time immediate upon receipt of a push notification. So, if we want an application to be alive and in permanent activity, alerts are a fundamental part. Another extra service to value is the inclusion of advertising in the App. This may well be your own or someone else’s in order to generate some extra income, which is known as monetizing the application. These ads can appear in the form of fixed banners or intermediate screens. In King of App we will enable this function very soon to make it even easier to have a Ads provider in your application. Finally, as a final step to know if an App is going to enjoy the acceptance of the general public is to submit it to tests and attend to all the comments so that it improves day by day. Seven steps, seven aspects for an App to be successful and that with the next launch of our CMS evolution they will be especially easy for you to follow. Stay tuned because this September will change your way of understanding



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