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Hundreds of mobile applications are created every day. The demand for Apps is clearly increasing and their use is part of our lives. When someone orders a wait that is the distinguishing element in their communication and marketing policy. However, the Apps that really succeed are few. The rest are divided between Apps Zombies and Apps Kleenex . Do you know the difference? As a general rule, the success of an App lies in its usefulness. Only those that solve a need in the user are those that survive on our phones. Therefore, planning the contents of an application very well is the first step of all and, surely, the most decisive for the future. Only then will the first obstacle have been overcome to prevent an application from becoming part of the Graveyard of the Apps ; a cemetery where about 50% of applications end up.  zombie When an App does not pass this first and transcendental sieve only has two ways to follow, become a Zombie App or a Kleenex App. As you can imagine, Kleenex Apps are throwaway. That is, they are those that a user downloads thinking that they are going to meet a very specific objective. However, the application does not meet expectations and after this first use it is directly deleted from the phone never to return. The most common reasons why an application becomes a Kleenex App are deception; that promise a function and then fail to deliver, or the difficulty in navigation. And it is that the design of the App must always be thought of promoting usability, being easy and recognizable, with direct and simple access to the contents. The third option to delete an App after a first use is the inclusion and abuse in internal advertising. The other large group of applications that fall into oblivion are the Apps Zombies . Unlike the previous ones, these remain on our devices. However, your query is residual. This section includes Apps that do not meet expectations or also those whose function is not very recurrent, such as consulting services. Also part of this group are those Apps that have been created for a specific event and that, therefore, once it has passed, are no longer useful for the user; or those that once created have never been updated and fall into a state of abandonment by their own creators. Combating this phenomenon or cataloging is not easy but it can be achieved if you follow a series of basic tips such as: think about the purpose, test it with friends, position it and promote it. Anyway, this infographic is sure to be of great help:  infografia-exito-apps



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