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The Swiss Army Knife of Communications

It’s called Talko and it is, effectively, the Swiss Army Knife of communications. This App wants people to talk more and stand up looking directly into the eyes of the instant messaging applications that we use so much. The idea is simple, Talko wants to revalue the calls . Ray Ozzie , the main promoter of this application, has the theory that compared to phone calls, other communication methods are can save, search and forward , which makes voice communication less attractive to users even though it is the best means of fast, efficient and effective communication. To further package calls, Talko converts them into chat files that can be add notes or photos so you can send written messages or share photos immediately while you are taking them without having to hang up the call in progress. Conversations can also be tagged with the topic discussed and are recorded and archived by default. Since calls are kept, specific parts of the audio can be marked and selected with notes to pinpoint key issues. Multiple options that are mainly intended for professional use since all of them apply, for the moment, to group calls. However, its promoter believes that consumers will also use it for things like planning a trip or maintaining a continuous and open flow of communication in different media. His business model is freemium . That is, most of the options are paid, but it offers a free version that allows you to save conversations for a maximum time of one week .



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