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Wiper, the App to delete conversations

Are our messages safe? This is a question that we should ask ourselves almost every time we hit the “send” button on our mobile phones. We communicate through messages that contain a high dose of personal information and, of each and every one of them, as soon as we have shared it, we lose control. It is true that Apps such as Snapchat or Confide , which allow limiting the time a message will be available, have made great strides in protecting and controlling our privacy. However, we can never be entirely sure that the message has been totally and definitely destroyed . It is based on this premise that the application Wiper has reached the markets. To guarantee our privacy, this service allows us to delete our conversations, both on our device with that of the recipient and on the company’s servers. And this is where the main novelty of this application lies because the rest do not guarantee us, at least initially, that there will be no trace on their servers of everything we send. To eliminate all traces of our conversations, Wiper has a simple mechanism: press a button . With this daily action, the App will also send a deletion order to our contact’s phone number as well as to the company’s server. In this way, there will no longer be any trace of what we have exchanged. It will be as if that conversation never existed . Another important issue is the ability to trace our messages in order to know if they have been shared with third parties. For example, if we share an image through a chat, the app will notify us if the recipient has sent it to other people and how many have seen it. The app will even notify us if the other person has made a capture. Wiper, like any messaging service worth its salt, allows you to make voice calls, which for greater security encrypts and thus prevents tracking. A complete communication service that, without a doubt, can be the perfect one for security lovers who are wary of protecting their privacy.



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