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King of App becomes part of the Start-Up Catalonia accelerator.

King of App has been chosen to participate in the Start-Up Catalonia project, an accelerator managed by GlobalLeida i which has the support in the organization of the Generalitat de Catalunya . Joining this project means another step forward for King of App on its way to expansion and growth, both commercial and economic. The main objective of this six-month initiative is to mark new routes in the expansion of the participating companies. Guided at all times by a tutor specialized in the field that most interests the participants, the objective will be to achieve new business management formulas in order to establish themselves in the market . For half a year, under the direction of the tutor, a professional with extensive business experience, we will have at our disposal everything we need to increase the business performance of King of App, especially in concepts such as financing and internationalization. Two paths already started with our American adventure and of which we will soon be able to give you news of its evolution. This is the second time that GlobalLeida has entered the life of King of App since it was from a program of his that the first round of financing that made this project possible was closed. On this occasion, there are 15 companies participating in Start-Up Catalonia, all of them with a single common link: the will and ability to grow . In its first edition, Start-Up Catalonia achieved that participating companies increased their turnover by up to 40% thanks both to the optimization in the management and to the advice and experiences offered by the mentors of this project as well as the contacts made through this accelerator. Press clippings and links of interest: Diario “Segre” “La Vanguardia” Diario “La Mañana “.pdf Newspaper” La Mañana ” TV3-Televisió de Catalunya UA1 Radio Program (10/14/2014) GlobalLeida Capitol3-Acceleradora Start-up Catalonia ACC10-Catalan Agency per a la competitivitat de l’Empresa Center Europeu d’Empreses i Innovació de la Diputació de Lleida Finanzas.com Lleida.com



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