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30,000 euros for an App … No way! *

* No way!

How much does an App cost? It depends. Easy answer right? The truth is that this is the case and the price of an App always depends on what you want to spend. The investment can be high or very high if you want a custom application or low if you bet on publishers of Apps like us . To give you an idea, the design website Graffica has echoed a Canadian portal that calculates the price of the apps according to the needs that we mark. In this way “you can get an indicative result of what it costs to design and program a mobile application” to measure. If we stick to what this portal offers, the highest cost of implementing an App is when choosing whether you want it to be suitable for Android or iOS mobiles or for both. Only this option, which is the first to choose, the price already rises, in case we want it to be available for any terminal, up to $ 15,400. From there everything is a matter of removing and adding features to reach prices that can scare anyone. It is also true that this website prepares its budgets based on a price / hour that ranges between 60 and 100 dollars. A fee that many programmers and designers dream of being able to one day apply to their work and that I wish we could all pay without problems. app-Coste Anyway, regardless of the hourly cost of programmers and designers , the price of a custom App always tends to be high. That is why many companies even today are wary of betting on mobile technology when promoting their products. For a small business, the return on its investment is not so consolidated as to risk budget items of this nature. This is where app publishers like us are the safe bet . How are we so cheap? Simple, we work based on templates and modules already closed. We are a kind of generic with which every SME can meet its connection needs with its public. And all for 25 euros a month, which is not a particularly difficult investment to face or amortize for a small business. And what App can be done with King of App? Virtually everything imaginable scope. Commercial apps, but also for events, for music groups, for bloggers for shops and restaurants … An app editor is a simple, cheap and fast way to enter the world of mobile applications. Why not try? Enter the Realm of Apps!



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