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If yesterday we were talking about an App to hire freelancers, today we look at the other side of the same coin. We focus on the millions of people who are out of work and who experience some of their worst moments of life in unemployment . There are no words of consolation for many of them other than “start tomorrow” and knowing this, the market offers small supports in the form of App . The most recent is a mobile application that aims to offer psychological support to people without work. Combat discouragement, the discomfort caused by the continuous days of inactivity from work . Appsy aims to evaluate the symptoms and situations that the unemployed person lives in order to offer psychological concepts, tasks and useful conclusions for face with guarantees the difficult day to day of those looking for work, especially in the case of the long-term unemployed. Although, it is evident that an App can be a support but never a solution, Appsy has the will to be a preventive method, to support the unemployed. The appsys, as they say on their website, “are designed to offer psychological support without the need for the supervision of a health professional, although they reach their greatest potential for help when they are integrated into a psychotherapy process. In the latter case, the health professional (psychologist, psychiatrist, primary care doctor …) and the user can work together and communicate thanks to the app ”. With this, it is possible to establish a control and monitoring method according to current needs and immediacy. In the following video you can see the operation of this App :



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