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WordPress & Marketing Barcelona meetup!: improving for the WordPress community

Last October 17th we participated in the Meetup hosted by Luis Zarza for WordPress&Marketing Barcelona meetup! At this event, Xavier Barata, CEO of King of App, explained how the tool we have developed can help the WordPress community to easily convert -without having programming knowledge- their websites created with this content manager into fully functional mobile applications.
To show how the tool works and what kind of apps can be made with it, we designed a specific mobile application for the event that allowed us to show all attendees a real case that they could use with their own and customer websites. The application is available for download in Google Play from here:Download WordPress Marketing Google Play Download WordPress Marketing Google PlayThanks to the open source philosophy that our tool shares with other CMS such as WordPress, King of App builder allows you to customize the templates and plugins as much as possible just having knowledge of html, css and javascript. As you know, they are the same languages that are commonly used in the web world. That’s our philosophy and our added value: democratize app creation and defend that if you make websites now you can also make apps.[easy-tweet tweet=”With the King of App platform if you make webs now know how to make apps” url=”https://builder.kingofapp.com/”] The day ended with a networking where we were able to share experiences, opinions and concerns with the WordPress community in Barcelona. What better way to liven up the evening than with pizzas and beers courtesy of the sponsor CDmon. Would you like to know which WordPress and WooCommerce modules we talked about and that will help you create your app? Turn my WordPress into app

Turn your WordPress or WooCommerce into a mobile app with these new modules

As you probably know, almost 25% of all web pages in the world are made with WordPress, in addition to more than 60% of all those created with CMS. Therefore, making your webmasters available with a tool that allows them to easily transform them into apps seems without doubt a good business opportunity. Doing it now with King of App is even easier since the integration of the new modules for WordPress and WooCommerce in the KoA builder. (Remember to turn on subtitles)

WordPress modules to make your app

  • Comment Pro: Have you ever received such an interesting response that you would like to highlight it or make it one more element of your application? This module allows you to transform a comment posted in any post of your blog into a content with its own identity within your app. In addition, this module and the following ones, allows you to write a response from any other user, turning it into a place of interaction of your app.
  • Comments Pro: Like the former one, this module allows you to convert comments into app content. Unlike Comment Pro, with this module you will be able to list all the comments attached to a post. A very interesting option when you have fostered a debate in your blog or generated a thread that you want to share in your app. This module includes the possibility for any user to comment and be part of the discussion.
  • Single Pro: With this module you will transfer a post or page from your WordPress directly to your app. A very interesting option if you want to import a publication from your website to convert it into a section of your application. You can design and write original content in WordPress or import existing content. This module will allow you to choose whether to show the elements of a blog: Author, tags, publish date and even comments to interact with or, if you prefer, hide them to get a result with a cleaner aesthetics and away from the web concept.
  • Posts Pro: Include within your app the complete list of posts in your blog, classified by order of publication. Probably the easiest way to have all your posts in one app. This module will allow access to the content of each of the posts listed, including all the functionalities present in the modules described above. If you wish, you can filter the contents by author, category, date or tag.
  • Categories Pro: This module generates an interface based on buttons that will give access to the different categories that conform your blog made with WordPress. Through each of these, you will have access to the complete list of posts filtered by the selected category. A clear way to organize your publications and give access to your complete posts by refining the content showed based on your blog categories.
  • Login: Sometimes you will need to show some of your posts as private or accessible only by log in. Use this module to hide some of your posts or to offer exclusive contents. An interesting alternative if you want to attract leads in exchange for access to a premium content of your app.

WooCommerce modules to make your app

On the other hand, WooCommerce, the online store creation platform supported by WordPress that can also be useful if you want to do mobile commerce. If you have a shop based on WooCommerce and you want the user make its purchases using the advantages of a smartphone application, then I am sure you will find useful these modules:
  • Login WooCommerce: Makes the purchase process easier for your users thanks to this module that offers the option of login and registration in your store. This will allow the user to recover abandoned shopping carts, track their orders or save their addresses, among other advantages.
  • WooCommerce Cart: This module will allow the visitor of your store to select and add their favorite products within the shopping cart to pay them later.
  • Categories WooCommerce: Do you sell a broad range of products? You will need to categorize them. This way the user can move easily through your store and find exactly what they are looking for. The module also allows you to differentiate between products according to their characteristics.
  • Product WooCommerce: Your customer wants to find as much information as possible about the product you are looking for. Your articles need their own page where you add a description, details, characteristics and opinions, as well as the buttons to enter it into the basket and select variations of it: size, color, model… Use this module to get it.
  • List WooCommerce: A simple way to display some of your products on screen at the same time. With the list mode provided by this module you will be able to view up to 10 products per page, giving a quicker view of your m-commerce.
We hope to share very soon our tool with the rest of the WordPress communities in Spain and also demonstrate them the simplicity and the minimum investment needed to turn their websites into apps. Turn my WordPress into app



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