App Integration: What it is and its main advantages

What is an app integration?

App integration is the solution used to merge two or more systems and establish communication between different applications. The integrated data will stay in the cloud, leaving the possibility to change, select or remove it when required. Here are some of the main advantages:

1.    Optimization of internal management

APIs improve the level of internal management, having a direct impact on the way companies are directed and monitored. Most APIs automatically generate custom reports, present management tools, and other features that enrich management decisions and help you define action strategies.A CRM system helps you better understand your customers, prospect leads, qualify these opportunities and make sales proposals with the goal of closing deals.

On the other hand, applications need to have a payment system to receive orders from their customers via credit card or other payment methods.

Whenever your receipt system detects a payment, it means that a lead has become a customer. Would it not be interesting if these two systems (CRM and payments) were integrated and the lead status changed automatically to customer in your CRM?

This avoids errors, brings much more agility to your business and is undoubtedly a great way to generate process optimization.

2.    Customization of services

With the growing market for mobile applications and the efforts of companies behind the platforms to deliver a single-use experience across devices, it is increasingly important that data is not “stuck” only on devices, but available for later use on another platform.

This is precisely one of the main advantages of implementing APIs. By integrating applications, it is easy to get information about the user without having to fill out a form.

With only the data that is already on the network, the APIs can trace the users’ consumption profile and thus increase the company’s customization capacity. Using the APIs, the company has access to users’ habits and preferences.

This is the case for companies that make business deals with intermediaries and payment gateways, for example. There are also partnerships between blogs and search sites, social networks and providers, among others.

Specifically, for IT enterprise management, APIs help secure information, build a solid database, and enable broader business control not only in terms of communication and technology, but also in financial terms.

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3.    Enabling Partnerships

The business world is not static and that is precisely why companies should be increasingly connected to new technological trends. The API is one that has come to stay, after all, among other advantages, it generates good business opportunities and enables partnerships.

Spotify-Waze partnership

In order to provide greater safety and a more practical service to its users, the two companies have decided to form a partnership so that their applications are compatible and work in an integrated manner.

These two applications that are frequently used while driving a car can take away some of the driver’s attention to the traffic and cause accidents. Would it not be great to integrate these two applications, to help avoid drivers getting distracted?

The idea probably should have been implemented not only for ordinary drivers, but also for drivers of applications such as Uber and Cabify, who carry passengers daily. The case for it in Uber seems even stronger as the customer can choose the musical genre to be played during the trip.

How does the integration work? When using Waze, the music player is above the map, and you can change the playlist without switching between applications. The same applies to the Spotify screen.

A positive point for both companies is that this strategy helped to mitigate the problem of traffic accidents and improved the public image of their brands, which increase user engagement.

Uber-TomTom partnership

Uber, which provides a private transport service through an application, sought a new partnership and found it with the Dutch company TomTom.

TomTom announced the deal on its page, indicating that the deal with Uber will be for several years and means that the company will provide map and traffic data to the North American app. TomTom’s mapping technology, combined with its world-class traffic information, will give Uber a seamless navigation experience, accurate arrival times and efficient travel in more than 300 cities around the world.

TomTom is closing another deal after signing with VolksWagen to provide maps and renewing its contract with Apple to power its iPhone navigation app.

The values ​​of the deal with Uber were not disclosed. Following the announcement of the partnership, the shares of the Dutch company amounted to €10.96 in Amsterdam, a valuation increase of about 8%.

The deal fits into the strategy of TomTom, which starting primarily selling GPS devices but now aims to be a main provider of navigation technology, after smartphones, tablets and the technology in cars have made the original GPS devices obsolete.



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