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[WEBINAR] What is Storytelling and how to make it viral to generate engagement?

Víctor Gay Zaragoza and King of App invite you to the webinar in which we will tell you what Storytelling is, the 7 steps to follow in its development and the best techniques for spread it.

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is the marketing tool that uses your brand’s personality to tell stories and generate engagement. A way of narrating in which your company, product or service becomes the protagonist. Do you know its advantages? Do you apply Storytelling techniques in your marketing plan? In our webinar you will learn how to use storytelling in your business plan and how to take advantage of it with its dissemination through different channels.


Victor Gay Zaragoza

Expert in the application of Storytelling in marketing and communication strategies using the “El Camino Amarillo” method, he works as a trainer and consultant for more than 4,000 companies: CaixaBank, King of App and Google among others. Catalina Serrano Storytelling

Catalina Serrano

Director of Acquisition at King of App, an expert in communication and dissemination techniques specialized in digital marketing: SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email marketing, Growth Hacking and Content Marketing.

See you at the webinar!