The news of the Mobile World Congress 2017

In harmony with spring, the mobile market has begun to reveal the latest trends and innovations in the technological world during the last edition of the Mobile World Congress 2017 this week in Barcelona .

Held annually since 2009 , this event is the largest annual exhibition in the communications industry, attracting the most influential minds in the fields of technology, finance, marketing and advertising . The MWC began last Sunday, February 26, unveiling a series of innovations and products that will dictate the trends of the technology market this year. The largest companies demonstrated why they have such a strong position in their sector, although the smaller competitors were not far behind and surprised the public with their ambitious projects and winning spirit. Catch up on the latest technology news:

Mobile Pioneers on the Rebound

The fading of Nokia and BlackBerry as leaders in the mobile industry in recent years showed us that even the biggest fall victim to the unpredictable market. However, both companies refuse to go down and are back in the game, each with a different approach. As BlackBerry tries to recapture its former glory through the latest trends, introducing its new Smartphone KeyOne , Nokia takes a retro approach and revives its most famous model 3310 . And yes, you can still play Snake with him.

Sony impresses with the new Xperia models

Sony revealed the new Xperia XZ Premium and XZS , slightly updated versions of the Xperia XZ , the brand’s latest premiere. Although the camera resolution has dropped from 23 megapixels of the original XZ to 19 megapixels , the newer versions perform better in lower light. and they can record videos in slow motion. The Premium is capable of recording a video with an impressive 960 frames per second .

Waverly Labs presents its universal translator

Waverly Labs presented a prototype whose style is based on the AirPod wireless headphones and is capable of translating conversations in real time. The Waverly app syncs with an Android or iPhone device, and uses machine learning to translate audio recorded from the headset and transmit it to the headset of another person. The translator currently works with French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English, and will be released this year for approximately $ 300.

King of App launches its innovative platform for the development of mobile applications

In a period of strong growth and rapid expansion of the mobile application market, King of App makes its debut with a CMS platform of open source that revolutionizes the process of creating apps. Through modules, templates and previously established elements, its technology allows the development of applications without any prior knowledge of programming language . Customers can easily modify components and design creative applications in a couple of hours at a very affordable price compared to native apps. Also, now we are looking for the King of App internationalization .

Few news from the planet Samsung

What many supposed as the perfect occasion to present the new Galaxy , Samsung has taken a side step in this edition of the MWC . Although there has been news about the Korean brand, since they have presented their new tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3 . It will have 9.7 inches in size, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM and 6000 mAh battery (up to 12 hours of consumption). Another piece of news is the Galaxy Book , Samsung’s professional tablet, which will appear on the market in order to take ground away from the Surface from Microsoft .

Leaks are back in the news

Although, as we have mentioned previously, in the final stretch of the MWC news has emerged of the leak of Samsung’s flagship product, the Galaxy S8 . The portal digital BGR have been those who have managed to offer the public the first data on this mobile, whose presentation would have been postponed until March 29. The reason was the fiasco caused by the Galaxy Note 7 , with all the controversy that arose after the burning batteries.

Telefónica’s most ambitious project

The day before the Mobile World Congress , Telefónica managed to be the center of attention thanks to the so-called fourth platform. The theory is quite easy: thanks to an application called Aura , we can choose that the data we generate for making a call, paying a bill or watching a movie through Movistar , are not shared with third parties, such as Facebook or Google , as well as banks. By authorizing this transfer of data to third parties with Aura, thus improving the quality of services that Telefónica offers its customers. “Google, Facebook or Apple are happy with the idea” , stated Chema Alonso , head of the project.

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