An App to generate surveys

Melmelada or nocilla? Android or iOs? What has been the best iPhone for sale? Questions and more questions that generate answers to bore. If you are into surveys , Pyne is your App. Available both for iOs and now also for android devices. It is a really simple way to create polls and know the opinion of your fans, friends or clients. The mechanism is really simple and is that just by logging in through your Facebook profile (it can also be done independently) you can already configure hundreds of surveys and questionnaires. While it is true that all surveys start on a predefined basis, based on generic themes, the configuration of Pyne allows eliminate options until we get a question and accurate answers to our interest. Once the survey is configured, you just have to wait for the results. Pyne offers them broken down as a percentage graph . Likewise, it is even possible to go deeper and divide the results between male and female gender. Based on these results, what to “cook” the data to reach certain conclusions already depends on the ability of each one. By the way, Pyne apart from being very good, is only available in a single language: English. So, to practice it has been said.



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