The universal inbox

WhatsApp , SnapChat, Line , Google Hangouts … Multiple formats and multiple messaging Apps that we use, for one reason or another, on a daily basis . We go from one to another depending on the notifications that we are receiving but there is an option in the market that brings them all together. It is not that the App of definitive messaging has appeared in the markets, far from it. SnowBall is, however, an App that brings them all together. Still in beta version on Google Play , this app promises make life much faster and easier since, for the first time, we will be able to consult all our 2.0 communications from a single interface. Like a snowball that passes through our messaging Apps, SnowBall grows and grows as we receive messages until we offer them in a desktop or inbox for easy reading and identification. In reality, what it shows us are the notifications of each of the applications so at no time does it access them or our conversations. By clicking on any of the messages received, we are redirected to the receiving App so that we can respond from it if we believe it necessary. Financially sponsored by Google, through its investment division Google Ventures contributing 2.3 million dollars for its start-up, Snowball is only available for Android devices.



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