Selfies with celebrities at a click

The selfie fever has no limit and no apparent end. Applications so that our selfies are more than original appear daily but few allow us to customize them to the point of being ridiculous. Stickers help, but if we also add the option to “strain” famous people in the photo, the turn of the screw is complete. This is what the App Doublie allows us. With it we can try to make our friends believe that we have been with Beyoncé , the resident of the United States, Barack Obama or even defy the conventions of physics and appear right at the side of Michael Jackson . It will be difficult for them to believe it for at least the same if we can make them smile. The operation of this App is especially simple since we only have to take a photo leaving enough space to add new elements . In this way we can choose different characters to appear next to, but also options to customize our appearance. Doublie offers us a gallery of stickers so that we can cover our faces with a nice mustache like Groucho Marx , with the Batman mask or directly cover it with a horse head. All this with the sole purpose of recreating hilarious scenes based on our selfies. With the resulting image, the App will allow us to send it to our friends by email as well as share it on our social networks ( Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ). Currently, Boublie is only available for iOs devices.



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