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(How to) Set the icons

All Apps made with King of App are completely customizable. When you load a template in our editor, nothing is fixed and everything can change. Not only colors, backgrounds or menus but also icons that identify each of the modules. Here we show you how you can do it. There are two types of icons in King of App; the menu icon and modules icon. The first will always be visible in your app, while the rest used to identify functionality, will only appear in certain views of your App as when the menu is displayed. All icons are loaded into the App from the edit screen of each of the modules. As you can see in the picture, all include the “module icon” option in the configuration section: KoA - Builder_icons settings By selecting this, you have two options; upload your own icon or choose from a list of predefined images. From there, you can go ahead with different combinations so that your App will become in a completely unique one.



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