Google calls “Mobilize”

Google , the largest and largest of search engines, the one that knows everything, the benchmark on the Internet, pioneer and generator of trends, has struck again. It has recently been published that among its search results it will indicate whether the page in question is suitable for mobile browsing . And logically, those that are so will appear first. So the definitive moment has come for the mobilization of the web pages.
mobilization is nothing more and nothing less than adapting web page designs to mobile browsing. For this, a series of basic precepts must be met, such as not including unreadable content for mobile browsers or that the layout adapts perfectly to the screen, in what is called a responsive design .
In summary , Google wants, to qualify a website as “mobile-friendly”, the following:
– Avoid software that cannot be loaded on mobiles, such as flash content.
– That the text can be read without the need to zoom.
– That the content fits on the screen without the need to use horizontal scroll or zoom.
– That the links are in appropriate places and formats so that it is easy to activate them.
Most new generation websites are already of this type, so their administrators need little to worry. However, mobile browsing is rapidly drifting to another issue that goes beyond adaptive webs . They are the Apps.
Many of us will already carry out searches from the Google App so it will soon appear in the search results themselves if the page or reference we are looking for has its own mobile application. An App that, obviously, must be published in Google play (that is, it is for Android devices) if you want to appear as high as possible in the search results – If Google+ position, how can google play not do it?
Indeed, the latter is still a simple speculation but, given where the market is evolving and the trends in mobile browsing, it is not at all an aberration to affirm it.
Luckily, having an App is no longer a difficult fad to pay for .



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