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From Webflow to App: Elevate Your Online Presence and Reach New Heights with King of App

Transforming Webflow into an app has never been easier with King of App! Our innovative solution allows you to seamlessly convert your Webflow website into a fully functional and engaging mobile application. In just a few simple steps, you can unlock the power of app development and take your online presence to the next level.

To begin the transformation process, all you need to do is install our JavaScript plugin. Navigate to the Resources/Plugins section and scroll down to find the Custom Code option. Download and extract the plugin, and you’ll discover a text file containing the code. Insert this code into your website by activating the plugin with the following URL suffix: “?kingOfApp=true”. For example, www.yourdomain.com/?kingOfApp=true. Once completed, return to the King of App app builder.

Within the Modules section of our drag-and-drop builder, add the custom code module and insert the URL. Repeat this process for each page you want to import into your app. Please note that upon activating the plugin, your header and footer will disappear. This is due to the publishing rules set by Apple and Android, as including them may result in rejection during the store review process. However, rest assured that this change is only visible to you, as our plugin works with device-specific cookies. Others will still see the header and footer when visiting your website.

If you want to preview your website with the header and footer visible, simply access www.yourdomain.com/?kingOfApp=false. This will restore the elements for your viewing convenience. Once you have finished creating the structure of your app, don’t forget to add each view/module to the selected menu. Customize the metadata, configure the automatic publishing system, and when you’re ready, purchase the King of App license. With the license in hand, you can submit your app to the app markets.

Combining the design capabilities of Webflow with the simplicity and flexibility of King of App, you can create a stunning and personalized app that truly represents your brand. Our solution empowers you to leverage the full potential of Webflow’s design tools while harnessing the app-building capabilities of King of App. The result is a seamless user experience that seamlessly integrates your website’s functionality into a mobile app.

By transforming your Webflow website into an app, you can tap into the growing mobile market, reach a wider audience, and enhance customer engagement. Offering your audience the convenience of a mobile app elevates your brand presence and allows for increased interaction and customer loyalty. With King of App, you can have your own custom-designed app, tailored to your brand’s unique identity, thanks to the powerful combination of Webflow and our platform.

In conclusion, the integration of Webflow and King of App provides an effortless way to transform your website into a powerful mobile app. Our user-friendly process, coupled with the ability to retain Webflow’s design capabilities, allows you to create a visually stunning app that reflects your brand’s essence. Step into the future of app development and unlock new opportunities for your business with King of App and Webflow. Start building your app today and make your mark in the mobile app market.



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