The Technique Transforming the World of E-commerce: King of App and its Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce is a business strategy that seeks to integrate all of a company’s sales channels into a single platform, offering a unified shopping experience for the consumer. King of App is a company that has adopted this strategy and applied it to the creation of embed mobile applications, offering a seamless user experience between the web and mobile application.

The use of all web resources in creating a mobile application is one of the key aspects of Unified Commerce in King of App. Thanks to this integration, any action taken on the mobile application is immediately recorded on the web, and any non-structural updates on the web are updated in the mobile application in real-time, ensuring that both platforms are always in sync.

But King of App has not limited itself to this integration alone. The company has developed complementary technologies that allow for automated communication notifications in the form of push notifications. This means that, for example, if a user makes a purchase on the mobile application or on the web, a notification can be programmed to inform them whether the transaction was successful or not, or to notify them of the status of their order.

This ability to automate communication is one of the biggest benefits of Unified Commerce. By unifying sales channels, a complete view of the customer can be created, allowing for personalized and automated communication based on the actions the customer takes on the platform. This personalization not only improves the customer experience, but also improves the effectiveness of communication and marketing actions.

In addition, Unified Commerce also facilitates the administration of an online business. Having all sales channels on a single platform simplifies inventory management, ordering, and billing. Integration with payment terminals allows for secure and fast payment processing, reducing errors and wait times.

In addition to all the advantages that Unified Commerce offers, King of App goes one step further by being an open-source platform. This means that we not only have the freedom to customize and adapt our app to our specific needs, but we can also connect it to any other external tools we use in our business, such as tracking tools or JavaScript code.

Thanks to web embed technology, integrating these tools is simple and effective, but if we need greater precision or control, we can install any additional tool we want. This way, we can ensure that we have complete control over our actions and those of our customers.

For example, if we use a user behavior tracking tool, we can connect it directly to our app and obtain valuable information about how our customers interact with it. This allows us to optimize the user experience and improve our customer service.

Likewise, if we use a CRM or ERP tool, we can easily connect it to our app and centrally manage all of our customers’ information, such as their orders, preferences, and purchase histories. This way, we can offer a more personalized and efficient service to our customers, which translates into greater loyalty and retention.

In summary, the application of Unified Commerce in King of App has allowed the company to offer a unified user experience, simplify business management, and improve the effectiveness of communication and marketing actions. In an increasingly competitive market, these advantages are crucial for any company looking to improve its position in the market and offer a superior shopping experience to its customers.

In conclusion, King of App offers a complete and customizable Unified Commerce solution that adapts to the specific needs of each business. And thanks to its open-source nature, we can integrate any external tool we want and have complete control over our actions and those of our customers. This allows us to offer a unique user experience and improve our efficiency in all aspects of our online business.



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