Converting a Woocommerce into an app: the way to start growing your sales now

One of the things I hate most is to enter an online store willing to spend my money on a purchase and end up giving up because I find it impossible to find the product in the catalog or because at the time of payment, so many data that request, I ended up closing the page and going to another store. Without a doubt, this is the best way to get him to never go back there.

All these aspects and many more are related to what is known as web usability. A concept that you should burn on fire if you have an online store and you want your visits to become sales.

The only way to get any user to find the product that interests him easily and quickly, without having to be browsing the page, is to organize and categorize all products and sections of your WooCommerce store correctly. Another advantage is to create a mobile application of your online store.

The main menu, the sub-menu and the sidebar links play a very important role here

If you are using many categories (for example, dozens of them) to classify your products, try grouping them into more general parent categories (I recommend a maximum of 5). Then, do everything possible to work with a WooCommerce template that uses dropdown menus to display a much cleaner and tidier menu.

Think a lot about the hierarchy of your products and pages and how to display them in the menu. The goal is to get a person who visits your store for the first time, know at a glance how your catalog is ordered and where you have to click to find what you are looking for.

A very useful advice, is to take a look at the online stores that are referring to your industry and have some experience.

Load speed

There is a phrase that is repeated in many of the current studies on web performance of an ecommerce; “40% of shoppers would leave the page if it took more than 3 seconds to load.”

The percentage may vary depending on the case, but with these data you can get a rough idea of ​​the money that you stop winning if the loading speed of your WooCommerce store is not optimized. Not to say, it is increasingly a factor of more weight in the search results of the major search engines.

There are many aspects that influence the loading speed of a WooCommerce store, from the size and number of images, to the number of plugins, obviously going through the server configuration itself.

Allow purchase as a guest

Keep in mind that your main objective is to sell. Do not get registered users. WooCommerce has an option to enable the purchase as a guest, without prior registration. The simpler and faster the buying process, the better. If a person can choose from several stores to buy the product they are looking for at the same price, they are more likely to choose to buy it in the one that does not require them to register.

In many deals are a one time purchases for a special occasion and users do not intend to return more. Therefore, it makes no sense to compel them to go through a registration process. In fact, if this is the case, they will eventually abandon the purchase.

Structured Catalog

If your list of product references barely exceeds ten, there is not much to complicate. That is, the catalog will be obligatory simple.

But when working with hundreds or thousands of different products, it is of vitally important to define a logical category structure well before it is too late. So, before you start installing plugins like crazy, define very well the main categories that you will use and your child categories in case you need them.

Creating an app out of your WooCommerce website

If you want to be always in your customers pocket, be able to send them push notifications and moreover, bring them the best mobile experience, the best you can do is to transform your ecommerce into an app. Creating an app was to complex and expensive. Today, to make and application ready to be launched in different marketplaces is much easier.

With tools as King of App builder, turn your WooCommerce site into an app is quite easy. As easy as install 2 plugins in your WordPress and then add the WooCommerce module in your app. Then, you can add much more features to make your app more interesting for your users.

You can also publish your app to multiple app stores, such as Google Play and App Store, and get new customers from anywhere, anytime. Monitor user behavior and periodically update your products and services so users return more. Add the FAQ section with tutorials to guide your users so they do not get confused.

We hope that after reading this you begin to give it the importance it deserves to the usability of your online store and the advantages offered by having a mobile app.




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