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Apple: no fans, no followers

See, shut up and interpret . This seems to be the chosen strategy. And it is that, as much as it may surprise, Apple is not or participates in any social network ; at least officially. Apple’s communication policy is so careful that, obviously, not having profiles on Twitter, Facebook or the like is not, at all, an oversight. Apple’s approach is simple: why talk about us if our customers already do it for us . And of course, since in general, they speak well, well, better than better. In this way, Apple can focus on other things much less trivial than thinking about its communication strategy with fans, such as making phones, computers and others of the best quality. That is what has given them prestige and results and that is how they will continue. For many it may seem a certainly haughty position in relation to the legion of followers who have the bitten apple, but that’s how they are. They do everything like this and why are they going to change? They are different and do not flinch when they see that their main competitors, Samsung , have thousands of followers on any of the social networks that are consulted. The market is not on the net. Networks don’t sell, products do . And so they have emerged as market leaders, opinion makers and an almost perfect machine to generate profits with each product they put on the market. When innovation and high-quality experience are the hallmarks by which a company wants to be known, being a brand that takes part in social confrontations is something that goes against that image. So … white and bottled. By the way, does anyone know what phone Mark Zuckerberg has? Whatever an iPhone …;)



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