King of App

The app marketing tips to help you conquer the stores

The App Marketing has already become a key piece in the communication plan of many companies. Did you know that there are currently more than 4.2 million apps available in Google and Apple stores, and by the end of this year we’ll be over 200 billion downloads?

It is safe to say that there is therefore a robust and growing industry, especially because mobile apps are rapidly becoming a vital part of business strategy.

Hence, it is key to master the best practices to make the most out of app marketing. In order to do so we prepared a quick guide with 5 recommendations so that you can conquer the app stores.

1. Implement ASO (App Store Optimization)

Conceptually, just like SEO, ASO is about correctly choosing keywords for your application to improve your position in search results of application stores.

Search is still a key element in every application discovery process, accounting for 40% of awareness sources. Even when users already have an idea of what they want, the search in the stores is an essential part of the download decision.

Additionally, users who found your app from organic searches are more likely to be interested in your product or service, while inorganic traffic – users that arrived at your page in the store through an ad – is not generally as interested in your app.

The logic of the ranking of Apple and Google have their specific algorithms and they change quite frequently. However, we can identify some general rules to understand how to climb up the rankings:

  • A high average rating.
  • The more reviews you have, the more value is placed on the rating.
  • Installations to uninstallations ratio: there is no use having many installations if most users are then uninstalling your app.
  • Application usage statistics.
  • Density of keywords on landing page.

2. Attract by sight. App Marketing applied to design

To sell your app it is extremely important to be very careful about the design and quality of the visual components of your app.

3. Create a community

Just like social networks, app stores are way for you to establish a new channel of communication with your users.

In addition, in stores you can have a real-time measurement on critical usability and performance issues (bugs, crashes, etc.). The best way to monitor reviews is to use automation tools like Appbot and Appfollow.io.

Use the tools and create reporting routines for the UX and Coding areas to create a continuous stream of improvements and fixes.

Also, focus on your social media accounts, at the very least Twitter and Facebook. Be active, answer all the comments, solve all doubts, share interesting content with your audience. Make use of other communities for organic marketing in app forums like Reddit and Product Hunt.

4. Listen to the public to make improvements to your app

Measuring, tracking, analyzing and acting in a continuous and infinite cycle is absolutely key. Remember that you are not only taking care of your application, but the relationship of your brand with your customers.

  1. App Marketing Analytics: analyze your investment in promoting your app and look at indicators that optimize investments. Focus on metrics like openings, purchases, registrations, visualization of contents, shares and invitations.
  2. In-App Analytics: it is about what the user does in your app, user demographics and user behavior. Some indicators: usage time, rate of return, clicks, device type, manufacturer, location, gender, age, among others.
  3. App Performance Analytics: it is about understanding whether your app works or not. Issues such as network latency, API latency, crashes, errors, and every possible type of bug should be measured.

5. Press Release to obtain presence in a greater number of media outlets

One of the secrets to climbing the rankings of app stores is getting coverage on big sites and blogs in your niche. Invest in it and watch your rankings soar.

It can be as simple as sending a press release. To sell your app attractively you should create a story, that engages with people more than just describing the features of your app.

Another good practice is to reach out to sites and blogs that review apps. AppAdvice or Android Authority are two options you can start with. Reddit is another option, you only have to post your download app link in relevant subreddits. For inorganic channels, you can consider paying for ad impressions in relevant places. Reddit charges about $1 for 1000 impressions which can be good value for money in relevant subreddits.

Last but not least, you can sign up to HARO (Help a Reporter Out) under their “High Tech” category; you will receive three updates daily, Monday to Friday, with enquiries from reporters. You might get a question that relates to your app, this way you can create a long-term relationship with journalists and online publications.