Spotify delves into hipsterism

Some will say that just growing a beard and putting on a plaid shirt already reaches the highest level of hypothesis but … What is more hipster than talking about music groups that nobody knows? What’s more hipster than referring to musical influences only suitable for inveterate music lovers? A true hipster knows groups that no one else has heard in his life. A true hipster knows how to recognize influences of Kinks in the crying of a baby. A true hipster jumps from Madness to Primal Scream without blinking because he knows that deep down they are related groups. Well, all this now is what Spotify offers us. The new functionality, recently introduced (and no, it has nothing to do with growing a beard) is called Artist Explorer and offers us a magnificent tour of how the different musical groups relate either by influence or by coexistence in time. Thanks to this function we can learn a lot about the history of a group, both in its relationship with other groups and also in its level of penetration in Spotify ; that is, the popularity of the artist, the songs that have been played the most times or a brief biography of the band with the names of its members, their city of origin, musical genre in which they develop and details about how they were born as a group. With this, we will all be able to know a little more about how the history of music unfolds; a story with no artists like Tylor Swift , for now (although this may not be a musical loss itself).



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