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From ally to massive distraction tool . This is how the mobile phone has evolved when it has come to star in a large part of everyday use. Many live by and for mobile phones and this can directly affect both their personal and professional relationships. For this, it is very important to know how to distance yourself and do without continuous messages, apps of games and calls that break our good rhythm. For those who cannot can do it themselves, this application may be the solution. From the outset Offtime is another App that allows us to silence the activity of our phone for a certain time; whatever we need to properly focus on a task. However, it is something else since it allows us to plan the moments of inactivity mobile based on useful statistics . The first thing Offtime does when it is installed is to record our activity with the phone. In this way, it offers us a detailed statistic of messages sent and entered, calls received , hours of maximum intensity in use and Apps most used. With this data, detailed both by days and by specific aspects, we can see our use/dependence on the mobile and establish what times of the day it is important that it is inactive . When configuring these periods of inactivity, Offtime will allow, first, to choose that Apps should be kept idle , but also which users will still be able to contact with us even with the dormant functions active. Likewise, for those who find our phone inactive, warning messages can be sent alerting, also, what time we will be active again. Available for mobile Android , Offtime can be the perfect tool that every boss will want us to Let’s install. Let’s work!



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