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Instant Apps: What they are and 5 examples of Android apps you can try without downloading them

Instant apps is a new technology that allows you to run applications on your Android phone or tablet without having to install them, yes, we will not spend hardly any resources or internal storage, so it is a tool that we should all try right now.

This type of applications can be opened through web links, with this the user has the possibility to view these apps before downloading them, in order to get an idea of ​​whether it is worth installing them or not.

Some companies have already been successful in developing and publishing these Android Instant Apps, such as Vimeo, the streaming video service, or Jet, which offers us a shopping platform. There are already more than 500 million devices available for instant applications.

We will show how you can try them if you are lucky, so be very attentive.

  1. The first thing we must do is access the settings of our Google account.
  2. Once inside, we look for the option “Instantaneous applications” and click on it.
  3. As a last step we must activate the switch and we can now test the instant applications on our Android.

Now we just have to access a web page that is compatible with Android Instant Apps and start using them.

Instant apps will help users to try new apps

Although the Google Play store has an immediate refund system if no more than an hour has passed since the download of an app, Instant Apps will simplify the task much more by giving a detailed idea about the possibilities of the application you want to buy or simply download.

Every time Android releases an application, you will have at least a rough idea of ​​what it will be and even where that application will reach.

These objectives could be very specific, such as generating a certain amount of income in the first quarter, or could be more general, such as obtaining a high score on Google Play.

Everything on your developer’s wish list, getting your application to face as many users as possible, and Android Instant Apps is a new feature that can help you do just that.

Instant apps provide a totally new way to reach users who do not have the application installed on their device, making their application localizable and accessible from anywhere, it supports URLs,
including emails, Google search results, social media messages, comments YouTube and forums.

Essentially, instantaneous applications allows you to separate each of the features of your application in a separate module. Users can then load any of these instant application modules by pressing a URL that they have assigned to this specific module and without having to install the application at any time.

One of the best ways to describe Instant Apps is to look at an example of when it can be used

Imagine a friend has sent you a link to a cat video that they promise you will love, but when you click on the link it is clear that you need to download an application before you can watch this particular video.

Regardless if they end up downloading the application, or ignoring the link and the risk of missing the best Internet cat video, it is a bad user experience and is a scenario that many Android users know.

Most of us have had the experience of installing an application simply to complete a single task. For example, you can download an application to view an email attachment that someone sent you, to
complete a purchase on a specific website, or to track a package that is currently flying on its way to your address.

Now imagine our cat video scenario again, but this time the application developer has placed the code and resources needed to play video content within its own instantaneous application function module and assign this module to the URL www.example .com / video. This time, when you search for www.example.com/video/cat-video, Google Play recognizes that this URL is associated with an
instant apps module and retrieves all the code and resources you need to play this video. The end result will be that you can enjoy 20 seconds of a cat playing in a box without having to install anything, which is a much better user experience.

5 examples of Android instant apps you can try

Instant Apps was announced in 2016, but just in May of last year the system reached developers.

Hence the current list of applications to prove it, to leave as examples the companies that have taken advantage of this great invention:

  • Skyscanner: flights and hotels: access to cheap tickets, accommodation and car rental, with an alert system.
  • NYTimes Crossword: crosswords of The New York Times.
  • Buzzfeed: Quiz, Tasty, News: full access to the platform app.
  • Onefootball: gathers information and statistics of the main world football leagues. It was chosen as one of the best apps of the quarter.
  • Red Bull TV: sports information and about other activities.

When accessing the applications tab from their phones (in the Android store, or as a result of a search), users will see the “Test now” button, which means that the application or game is compatible
with the system. When touched, the device will open a screen to access all the functions of the application and thus decide whether it is worth it or not to download it.



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