Hypertext: “Learn to create an app for Android or iPhone in minutes”

Learn how to create an Android or iPhone application in minutes

We have seen on many occasions how technology does not make our day easier in many areas. Both hardware and software evolve so that tasks that were complex during the years were available to anyone. An example, of which he spoke previously, is the task of creating an application for the android, iPhone or another platform. To start, create interactive and functional prototypes is now possible from the browser .  The same goes for the design, creation and publication of a complete mobile application using templates and modules programmed to work from minute one. We have seen examples like Windows App Studio , from Microsoft or AppsBuilder . Today we are going to talk about King of the application , another example that makes programming no longer an indispensable requirement to have your own mobile application . In a few minutes and following the instructions on the screen , creates the application for Android or iPhone ready to be published on Google Play in the App Store. To read the full article, enter here .



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