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Error in Publishing an Android App Package Due to Unenabled Application Signature

Error in Publishing Android App Packages: An Ongoing Issue Since July 19, 2023

Since July 19, 2023, the mobile application development community has been grappling with a significant technical challenge. Many developers are encountering an error when publishing their applications on Google Play, caused by unenabled application signatures. This issue has become a notable hurdle, particularly for developers eager to launch their apps.

Understanding the Application Signature Error

The specific error appears when developers try to upload an .aab file of the Android app package, met with the message:

“Google Play application signing is not enabled for this package. You must enroll in application signing by Google Play to upload an Android app bundle.”

This error signifies that the application’s signing feature, a mandatory requirement for app publication on Google Play, has not been enabled for the given package.

Corrective Steps to Address This Issue

The solution to this problem is straightforward, and following these steps can help in effective resolution:

  • Access Google Play Console: Your central hub for managing app publication on Google Play.

  • Navigate to Application Settings: Within the Google Play Console, locate and adjust your application’s specific settings.

  • Proceed to ‘App Signing in Version Management’: This section is dedicated to managing your app’s signing configurations.

  • Enable Application Signing by Google Play: Follow the instructions provided in the Google Play Console to activate this feature, ensuring your app is signed correctly for publication.

The Importance of Application Signing

Application signing is more than just a formality for app publication on Google Play; it’s a crucial aspect of app security. This process verifies the app’s source and integrity, ensuring it hasn’t been tampered with since its last update.

King of App’s Unique Approach to Ownership and Compilation Certificates

Since this issue emerged, the importance of owning the compilation certificate has been highlighted. Many app builders do not provide developers with this certificate, crucial for establishing true ownership of the app. Without it, transferring an app to another builder or updating it becomes problematic, potentially leading to user and download losses.

King of App stands out in this regard. We are the only app builder that consistently provides developers with the compilation certificate upon compiling their app for publication. This policy not only empowers developers with full ownership of their apps but also provides the flexibility to migrate or update their apps without losing their existing user base.


The issue that started on July 19, 2023, underscores the challenges in the app development landscape. At King of App, we’re committed to equipping developers with the necessary tools and information to navigate these challenges effectively. By following the steps outlined above, developers can address the application signing error and progress with the publication of their apps on Google Play, backed by the assurance of ownership and control provided by King of App.



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