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The end of lonely travelers

The “ matchmaking ” Apps proliferate like mushrooms in autumn. The most famous of them all is Tinder, designed for flirting, but based on this system of “I like / I don’t like” an umbrella has opened in which many have decided to take shelter. The penultimate of these Apps is HelloTel , for solo travelers. Not as thought out to flirt as her cousin-sister Tinder , although then the use that each individual makes of them is something else, HelloTel was born with the idea of ​​connecting guests of the same hotel who want to spend some time together. That is why it is said that this is the perfect App for lonely travelers who go from city to city and do not have time to establish themselves as to establish greater links with other people. HelloTel, then, tries to put these types of people in contact. For this it is based on the same system as Tinder, the so-called “matchmaking”. To register, you only need to grant access permissions to Facebook -although it is also possible to create a specific profile-. From there, you have to indicate in which hotel you are staying and if the trip is for business or pleasure. With this data, the App will offer not only the profiles of the people who are in the vicinity but also, know what activities can be done around, upload photos, enter group forums and even send private messages. Everything so that “ any hotel registration becomes an exciting social network “, say the creators of HelloTel. The applications of “ matchmaking ” have reached the point that they have also served for the adoption of pets housed in a shelter in a temporary campaign carried out in New York this summer and even to introduce new musical groups . For the latter case, the App is called Next , and it allows new artists to connect with viewers from all over the world.



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