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Doesn’t really exist . There is no specific place where Apps are going, like elephants, to die. Mobile applications, for better or worse, are relegated to the bottom of the markets. There they lie, inert, waiting for an expiration date that will permanently deactivate them or a cleaning protocol that will take them to the limbs of the Apps. But what makes an App die? Various responses to a phenomenon affecting more than two-thirds of Apps currently in circulation. Yes, yes, two out of three applications are doomed to die and more than half of all those published in the markets have already died according to a study by the French digital testing agency Stardust. The main cause of death of an App is simply the lack of utility. Many times we believe that an App will be the panacea that users were waiting for. However, an app doesn’t always live up to expectations . The main thing will always be that it responds to a need; that it is useful, clear and concise. If the user does not find any of these three things, the App is doomed to ostracism. But let’s not talk so much about ostracism, forgetting, or simply the death of an App . And there is no more death than inactivity; which translates into outdated apps or totally obsolete information. This is perhaps the main scourge to be fought. Many customers believe that simply having an App is enough to get their followers to download and consult it non-stop. Normally this is fulfilled, but the thing is complicated once the initial fervor is over. When week after week the contents of the App are the same, customers, followers, get bored and end up leaving the App, first on their phones, without ever entering it again, only to end up deleting it later. And once deleted … recovering it is very complicated. Content updating is paramount. The app needs to be dynamic to pique people’s curiosity day after day. Achieving this is not difficult but it does require some planning and, in some cases, a minimum of strategy. It’s not enough to just dump a website and post something very occasionally on the corporate blog. The most common thing in personal or business apps is to focus on the social networks that give this dynamism to the content. For this, of course, a constant publication over time is essential. Having idle profiles in an App is … well, death sentence assured. From here, giving life to an App requires simply imagination. Push notifications are another key element in streamlining the application, as well as generating traffic to them or other links. Maintaining a good notification strategy will create this link with those who have downloaded the app so that they never delete it from their phones. Contests and promotions are also part of this universe that will keep an App alive forever. In the face of so many dangers, it is normal for many small and medium-sized businesses to think a lot about the cost of designing an App head-to-head. To do this, CMS platforms such as King of App allow you to tackle this initiative at a low price. If you want to know how we do it … enter the Realm of Apps .



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