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Logos & Badges

A logo should be recognizable, international and exclusive, therefore, King of App has created modules, templates, services and menus so that you can add your custom King of App logo to your app.

Corporate colors

There is more! If certain designs of our logo will look bette with your app, you can develop it. Modules, made by you, can be sold to the whole community and the earnings are yours.

The colour green is introduced to show our growth, while yellow serves to replace the gold of King of App. We are trying to convey an image of transparency and closeness, away from the ancient meanings of gold and black.

Light Green

R:20 G:232 B:110


Modern Green

R:22 G:226 B:164


Half Dark Green

R:19 G:196 B:135


Dark Green

R:17 G:160 B:124



R:225 G:153 B:0



R:255 G:222 B:0



R:151 G:151 B:151


Light Green

R:45 G:30 B:115



King of App ensures a clear and correct reading of all the content of the web.

In order to do this, you must get a developer certificate which ensures you have the essential knowledge to develop a high quality module for King of App’s system.

Choose what you want for your App and start creating!




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