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What are King of App Modules?

Modules are a key element to an app. They are functional and useful among users. Choose from more than 20 current modules or create one that best suits you and your customers' needs.

King of App wants your App to be operational from the first moment. Therefore, we provide a number of predefined modules that can be activated by a single click. Modules include basic features that every app should have, such as social networking and contact or location information on a map. Additional safety options are available. We offer modules such as password protection for login, push messaging or comprehensive statistics about downloads and use.

Find the module you need

On the other hand, if there are functions that will help your app, you can develop it. Modules, made by you, can be sold to the whole community and the earnings are yours.

To do this you must get a developer certificate— a training certificate which ensures you have the essential knowledge to develop a high quality module for King of App's system.

Choose what you want for your App and start creating!

Our modules

  • Twitter Logo


    Your followers will be able to read everything you post on Twitter. To configure, key in the URL of your profile.

  • Facebook Logo


    Activating this module allows all your Facebook followers to directly see your posts on the app in real time.

  • Youtube Logo

    Youtube Video

    If you want to load a specific video, enable this option and key in the the code for the video you want to upload.

  • Youtube Logo

    Youtube Gallery

    With this module, app users can have access to all the videos on your YouTube channel.

  • RSS Logo

    Firebase RSS

    From here, you can include any blogs that support RSS in your App.

  • Search Logo

    Search Bar

    Expand your application with a search bar.

  • Wordpress Logo

    WordPress Comments PRO

    Your Web App in a second. Download and install this plugin on the Website that you want and the content will become an App. Magic? No, this is King of App.

  • Google Forms Logo

    Google Forms

    Module to insert GForms in your application.

  • Google Maps Logo

    Google Maps

    With this module you can set your location on the map, create routes of interest or mark your favorite places.

  • Group List Logo

    Group List

    You can group the modules you need and set different categories according to your interests.

  • Soundcloud Logo


    Share all your audio and your music by activating this module. You just need to have an active account with Soundcloud.

  • Gallery Logo

    Photo Gallery

    Activate this module if you want to create your own photo gallery. Upload your best photos and show them to everybody.

  • PDF Logo

    PDF Viewer

    Activate this module if you want your fans to download information in PDF format. The documents you upload have to be linked to a URL.

  • Instagram Logo


    Show all your most creative pictures by activating the module Instagram. The best presentation catalog for your followers.

  • Contact Logo


    Activate this module if you want your followers to contact you.

  • HTML5 Logo


    With this module you can use your own HTML code. For that we have made it even easier and implemented a wysiwyg editor.

  • Vimeo Logo


    By activating this module, you will share with your followers your videos with your user or channel account.

  • Google Calendar Logo

    Google Calendar

    Add your own Google calendar to your App to inform your users of all your events.

  • Wordpress

    WordPress Single PRO

    Your Web App in a second. With this module you can include a single WordPress post.

  • Embed Logo


    This option allows you to embed a web page in your App. Thus your followers can navigate it without leaving the application.

  • Home Slider Logo

    Home Slider

    Module Home Slider.

  • Wordpress

    WordPress Post PRO

    Your Web App in a second. With this module you can include a single WordPress post.

  • Flickr Logo


    Do you have a photo gallery on Flickr? By activating this module you can share it in your App.

  • Slider Logo

    Slider Container

    Module Slider Container.

  • Video Container Logo

    Video Container

    Module Video Container.

  • Home Video Logo

    Home Video

    Module Home Video.

  • MP3 Logo

    MP3 Player

    With this module you can play any song in MP3 format within App.