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If you are thinking of spending a few days on vacation in New York (or if you live there) you will love this App. Gotham Air is the first mobile application that allows you to rent a helicopter to fly over Manhatan and enjoy a truly unique view of the city. Getting around a big city by car is usually a real nightmare. Traffic jams, pollution, nerves, tension … all of this can be avoided if the helicopter is chosen as a means of transport. The developers of Gotham Air have also believed this to offer the general public the option of renting a seat on any of their devices. At the moment this Uber of the air only makes routes with a closed origin and destination; from Downtown New York to JFK or Newark airports. Each trip allows up to six seats and service will not be offered if there is not previously a minimum of four of the six available seats reserved. Obviously, it is not a cheap service, as each seat costs more than $ 200 . Also, depending on what hours of the day it is required to pay an extra cost of $ 99. The flight usually lasts about six minutes. If this service is successful, it will begin its expansion to other cities in the United States. Who knows if someone will copy the model and soon we will be able to enjoy this service via App somewhere else in the world.

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