(How To) Create a Photo Gallery

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Not everyone has an Instagram account, nor the time and patience to take care of it. That is why at King of App we have developed this module. “Simple Gallery” allows you to create and show to everyone collections of photos directly to your App. So this tutorial will teach you how this option is configured.

simple gallery

“Simple Gallery” module is very simple to use because you just have to add the URLs where the photos you want to upload are shown, and they will be automatically displayed in the App.

For example, in this case we wanted to upload pictures from our website. A simple way to get the url of each one is by clicking with the right button of your mouse. Then select “open link in new window” and copy the address in the browser bar. You can do this as many times as you like. It could not be easier!

With this module you can create as many photo galleries as you want. And remember that with the option to access the code you will be able to change the way they are shown and more …

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