(How to) Configure Instagram module

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If there is a social network for photography par excellence it is Instagram. Certainly it has become a visual showcase and source of inspiration for many (in clear conflict with Pinterest, of course). At King of App, knowing that a good picture is worth more than a thousand words, we have developed a module so you can show to the world all the photos posted on any profile of Instagram. Today we will learn how this functionality has to be configured.

As all modules at our market, setting up “Instagram Feed” is very simple. You just need to fill two fields: one with the “access token” and another one with the ID, the identifier of the account.

Instagram feed configuraciónGetting this information is not complicated. One way to get it is from the documentation for developers that Instagram itself provides to access to its API. These instructions are in the following link: https://instagram.com/developer/authentication/

However, we love finding new tools that make your life easier, so there are external tools to this social network that provide these data with maximum speed and reliability. To get the “access token” our recommendation is Pixelunion. In this web, you just have to click one button and you will instantly get the code. Fantastic!

For the identifier of the account, we can also go to an external service that will provide the ID in less than a second. That site is Strategio.

As you can see these two fields are easy to get and will give full functionality to one of the most visual modules of an App.