(How to) Configure Flickr module

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The third module related to pictures is completed with Flickr, one of the most extended picture platform around the world. Therefore, at King of App we have developed this module. Here we will explain to you how to configure it. Your app will have as many picture galleries as you wish.

FlickrWe will ask you to fill out three fields. On the one hand we need an access token and on the other one the identification of the gallery you want to upload and the number of photos you want to show in the app. All fields are easy to get but perhaps the most difficult one is the token.

To get this credential you must go to the services page of Flickr. Here’s the shortcut. In three steps you will be able to get the token.

The first step is to request an API key (basically this is the key you will need) by clicking on the option 1
flickr2as you can see in the attached image. From there you will be redirected to a form, where Yahoo (Flickr provider), will ask for some key information you need. Depending on the type of app you’re creating, choose one option or another (picture 2).
There will be just one step left to get the credential: filling a short questionnaire (it varies depending on the chosen option). Once completed, Flickr will provide you the key you have to copy and paste into our configuration form.


The second configuration field relates to the identification of the gallery you want to load into the module. This information is found in the url of the gallery itself.

For instance


Here you can see several number sequences. Well, the ID corresponds to the last one. In this case, the identifier we have to paste would be as follows: 2157650681644318. And finally the third field to be filled. In this case, you won’t have to look for anything; just type a number corresponding to the number of images you want to upload.

With these three steps, the module is fully configured and ready to be used.


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