(How to) Configure the Analytics module

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If the facts are sacred and comments are free, the data are even more so. Access to them is a keystone to any campaign and we have therefore developed a module so you can connect your App to Google Analytics and know almost any detail about the behavior of the users of your application.

Config Analíticas_King of App

To load this module in your app you must go to the Services Market, where you can also load the advertising or the push messaging modules.

The configuration of this module is quite simple because we only ask you to fill in a field. However, this area is extremely important since it corresponds to the Google tracking code, the UA.

How the UA is achieved?

To get this code you must have an account in Google Analytics. Once registered, the steps are:

1. Log in to your Analytics account
2. Go to the Admin Panel
3. Create a follow-up account indicating that it is a Mobile App one

Once the account is created Google Analytics provides a code that follows the same sequence UA-000000-01. This is the tracking code that you ave to paste in the Analytics module configuration.

To view the data on your App you can access your Analytics account and see all that relates to users, number of downloads, connection time, an so on.


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