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What benefits can your business rip from mobile apps?

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Each year the number of people who access to internet through mobile devices continues to grow. For this reason, mobile marketing strategies are a fundamental part of the development of any business. As this field is constantly improving, it is important to be up to date with best practices. Check out these 7 latest trends to leverage mobile apps in your business.

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6 tips to obtain profits from Android apps

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Knowing the tricks to get profits from Android apps is very important. Why? Thanks to the success stories, many “app-preneurs” have emerged. However, the truth is that most applications lose about 76 percent of their consumers after the first three months of use, which means that even if your product is chosen from the vastness of existing app stores, income will dry soon. Read More

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How to connect with your users via push notifications through a business application

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Getting users to install your app is only the first step in the process of mobile engagement, however getting them to use it regularly is much more complex. It’s very possible that your users will completely forget about the app after using it a couple of times, since you are competing for their attention with many other apps.

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How to find a market niche for your app

How to find an interesting market niche for your app

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Before launching your new product or service to market, whether it is an app or any other type of product, it is important that if you want to obtain some kind of economic or any other kind of return from it, you should make a previous market study to try to find out if this niche market you chose can be a good one or not. A deep knowledge of the subject matter of this market niche and a limited but sufficient number of consumers can be the key to success. Read More

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA): Everything you need to know

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Nowadays people spend a lot time on mobile apps. According to Forrester Research, consumers spend 85% of their time using apps. We use all types of apps: social networks, chats, music players, etc. These applications have proven to be efficient enough to meet the speed required for a good mobile experience.

This mobile experience has yet to arrive to mobile websites. They remain slow, heavy, and often crash the browser in the middle of navigation. This is cannot be compared to the fast performance of native applications. Read More