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by Oriol Riera

(How to) Configure the advertising module, KoAds

In the ​​services area, one of the modules that you can find is the one that gives you the option of adding advertising to your App. It Is the KOAds and its configuration is really simple at the same time that effective in its purpose. When choosing KOAds module you can add advertising images on two...
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(How to) Configure Flickr module

The third module related to pictures is completed with Flickr, one of the most extended picture platform around the world. Therefore, at King of App we have developed this module. Here we will explain to you how to configure it. Your app will have as many picture galleries as you wish. Read more

(How to) Configure Vimeo Video module

The world does not end in Youtube. There are plenty of video players, as many as colours. Therefore, at King of App, we wanted to develop this module, the "Vimeo Video". You will be able to play on your app any video you downloaded to this social network. Here's how to set it up. Once added...
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(How To) Create a Photo Gallery

Not everyone has an Instagram account, nor the time and patience to take care of it. That is why at King of App we have developed this module. "Simple Gallery" allows you to create and show to everyone collections of photos directly to your App. So this tutorial will teach you how this option is...
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(How to) Configure Instagram module

If there is a social network for photography par excellence it is Instagram. Certainly it has become a visual showcase and source of inspiration for many (in clear conflict with Pinterest, of course). At King of App, knowing that a good picture is worth more than a thousand words, we have developed a module so...
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(How to) Configure Group List module

The options when designing an App are manifold. The appearance of content can (and should) vary from one to another. Therefore King of App has developed a specific module to classify content that, for whatever reason, you want it to remain related. This is the "Group List" module. With this module you can create a kind...
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